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  1. I thought tech was crashing. Facebook and it's parent company Meta, among other tech stocks, have been imploding over the past year, they've lost like 75% of their market cap. Microsoft, Peleton, and Amazon have all seen huge losses. They're calling this the "Dot Com Bust 2.0."
  2. The tallest building in Texas/this side of the Mississippi belongs in HOUSTON dammit. 😡
  3. A little off topic, and I couldn't find a thread for this but, does anyone know whats going on at the lot that used to hold a Goodyear tire shop, next to Fiesta, on the block just south of the Ventana apartments? I only got a quick glance driving by but it looked like a huge pit was being excavated, maybe for a building foundation?? Edit: Nevermind, looks like this will be the parking garage
  4. Too good to be true. I'd obviously love for it to sprout, but not getting my hopes up, Houston developers have burned me too many times.
  5. Ahhh, the ol Six and a Quarter. (625 ton) She's a beast. Did the operator go by "Sandman?"
  6. It's too bad the park didn't take up the entire block. It's such a Houston thing for a tiny park in Downtown have a big parking lot attached to it. I wonder if the DRA tried to acquire that parcel but couldn't, or if they intentionally left it there because of Houston's ridiculous minimum parking requirements.
  7. Let's get this thread back on topic, if you want to argue about Tranquility Park is, do it in a different thread.
  8. Amazing how this building will go up so close to Midtown's blossoming skyline. It will definitely add to the density and hopefully inspire more copycats in the area.
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