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  1. Dollar for dollar, the potential economic activity generated from an infrastructure project surely must be significantly higher in denser areas where you have so many more businesses and residents, right? It feels like low hanging fruit to improve connectivity in the busiest areas so that in the long term you're set up for healthy businesses and communities, but it really feels like there's no coherent long term vision for the city from the mayor's office.
  2. Their space up on World Houston isn't terribly large (used to work next door) so maybe they're expanding their space and team in Houston to support all of the oil/chemicals/plastics/medical/etc industries in town? They carry a ton of different instruments and just acquired another company in the space last year. Cool to see a more industrial-focused business move towards the center of town instead of the outskirts.
  3. The hypothetical on the opposite side of that spectrum is why should someone be able to restrict what happens on land that's not their property? Alternative hypothetical would be why does being there first give someone the right to decide what is the best use of land for their area? Personally I think that within reason we shouldn't have policies that artificially limit potential housing supply in a desirable area. I think this development specifically is a net positive for this neighborhood.
  4. If you're worried about more people driving down your street, I appreciate that - I feel the same way about mine. But if there's not any evidence to support that side streets become more dangerous as a result of lowering car speeds and increasing pedestrian infrastructure, then it's not a relevant argument. And it still has baked in assumptions that there are a fixed amount of cars on the road and all these projects do is divert them elsewhere and that there's no way to change people's transportation decisions. If more people chose to walk or bike down my street instead of drive because of infrastructure design, that makes me and my family safer. If there is something showing that there is another negative side effect of these projects besides driver inconvenience, I'm happy to learn more. Side note, it comes across as disingenuous to characterize it as simplistic thinking when "taking pleasure in pedestrian deaths" wasn't ever an argument anyone made.
  5. Very well put and sad how many people are more than happy to make that tradeoff, truly can't understand that mindset. I think there's also a significant portion of the population who have never even realized that this tradeoff is what enables them to have whatever car they could possibly want and be able to take it anywhere, because it's so ingrained as the default way of living in most of the country.
  6. Just went past it and it appears to be small enough to not easily get multiple cars in there and also seems like it's begging for people to stop up traffic by trying to turn in/ parallel park there instead of behind the building in the lot. Even if it's just pick up/drop off, you have to anticipate people will abuse it. Don't really understand their thought process of it being on the street.
  7. No one tell the terrorists about Google maps, I guess.
  8. So sad that the mayor of a city this size has such small and shortsighted priorities.
  9. Looks like it'll be a bar called Heights Hideaway. https://www.instagram.com/heights.hideaway https://heightshideaway.com/
  10. The church's sign this morning said something to the effect of "we care about safety, accessibility, and mobility." Medians are torn up and starting to be taken away.
  11. Putting "prayer works" on the sign to presumably celebrate getting their way comes across as somewhere between disingenuous and hypocritical given that is was their complaints and connections that caused the change.
  12. Does their property extend that close to the trail? The current fence is definitely further away from the trail, and there's a ditch/green space/power lines there now where that parking is on the drawing. I don't know enough about how that affects where or what they can put there.
  13. This would be incredible for Navigation, but how on earth will they make that work with the amount of trucks that use this stretch, or the cars lining up in the school zone, or the bridge over Mack? I can't wait. They are starting to set up for construction at the Navigation/Lockwood intersection - barrels are on the medians on each street.
  14. East End Maker Hub offers this to some extent but has a wider scope of tenants and obviously a different business model than Greentown. A Greentown to EEMH pipeline would be great for the startup community (speaking from experience). Even if the innovation-centric development doesn't happen in Midtown, hopefully they can still grow the area right around the updated future transit center.
  15. Been there before, know the pressure to get things into a budget before it goes away. But they couldn't find any other possible way to spend money to achieve flood improvements that doesn't result in this much construction for an elevated section highway? Wish all this money being thrown around could be used to buy out properties in flood plains and renaturalize them instead.
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