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    I work as a Structural engineer in the construction industry. I specialize in structural engineering for remodeling, renovation, and repair projects. Work for Architects, contractors, and owners. Highrises, midrises, university, hospital, residential, commercial, industrial and heavy petrochemical; I'm all over the place. My hobbies are Cycling, Traveling, reading, PS4 video games, and food; I also enjoy large construction developments, viewing construction project progress, architecture, and urban planning... which is probably why I'm on this website.

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  1. Got a few more maps in the 20s and 30s Saints street @ westheimer was picked up by the 1934. The block you photographed @Highrise Tower was clearly there by 1934. Its not developed in the 1924 map, at least to be picked up by the mappers. Somewhat unusual, theres clearly buildings there in the 1934 but it wasnt very well documented by the insurance map company, perhaps insinuating it was a separate jurisdiction at the time. Now one thing to note, the 1925 map (File 8022) of the corner of Shephard and West Dallas is the first reference to river oaks and I can find on Houston Maps. It shoul dbe noted that there is a "colored" cemetery, today this is called College Memorial Park Cemetery. I'm reaching here but if there was African American settlement in River Oaks, this might be some evidence of that. however it was not uncommon for Jim-Crowe South cities to bury African Americans far from the city... so Im guessing at that point. To further ad to your point. A the corner of Newhouse and Gross, "Nazarene Baptist Church (colored)", Green Pond School (Colored"), Free Gospel Church("Colored". The area is surrounded by residential dwellings and lightly occupied. I dont think its a stretch for me to state this area was primarily an African American community, at least circa 1925 map.... tx85804215644198599313_map.pdf tx85804215644198599287_map.pdf tx85804215544182598022_map.pdf
  2. The 1925 map is the first map I can find with River oaks included. tx85804215544182598021_map (1).pdf
  3. For what its worth, 1890 map of Houston doesnt extend that far west. On map 32, it shows the area west of the plant as heavy wooded forest. The Washington heights area was called "Hollingsworth" There are no volumes west of there on the 1890 map.
  4. The PDF is a good read. 1. Mean vehicle speeds are slower on 11th. 2. Congestion is about the same during peak hours. Traffic counts on 11th are marginally lower. 3. travel times are about the same, even with slower travel speeds. 4. accidents are down, significantly in some areas. 5. Traffic counts on 10th and 12th increased some but within design limits of those roads. These are all good and intentional results of a road diet. The only conclusion of the report that I find ambiguous is the increase in pedestrian and cycling traffic on Nicholson path doesnt seem to have many days where data was collected. Would like to see more data collected on that. Personal anecdote, as a resident of the heights I find the ability to cross 11th very easy and positive. Consider me pro-road diet.
  5. One thing to note about hotel companies is that theyre often franchised, and so while some of them are operated by large companies, sometimes theyre not. Sometimes the owner is ignorant of typical processes and/or used to skirting regulatory laws. Generally my experience with Hotel Renovation projects is the ownership/property management is pretty naïve and ignorant of building construction.
  6. Ehh, disagree with this. I do renovation design all over the country. The City of Houston Permitting is among the easier ones. Generally 6-10 week time period, which is slow, but Harris county is worse. The biggest issue(s) Ive seen the last few years for CoH is that they've subbed out 3rd party reviewer companies which are more nitpicky, or less familiar with CoH amendments to the building code.
  7. This is a bummer. I liked that renovation but I feel as though this place suffered from poor transportation connectivity*, covid and bad location. * That stretch of Washington is awful from a pedestrian standpoint and difficult from a drivers standpoint. The construction at Hempstead/Union Pacific has been going on 3 years now and is goign at snails pace. Even if you wanted to walk there from the Cottage grove neighborhood, or any nearby neighborhood - you couldn't, so youre left with a venue thats "off the beaten path" with no easy way to get to it. Cottage grove residents end up taking the White Oak Bike Trail over to MKT, which has food, a park, and is easier to walk/bike to.
  8. I know its a "station" but Im enthused by this development, only because of the novelty of it. Probably wont be in 15 years but I digress. Im curious of the economics of E-charging stations, surely they're gonna put a convenience store, and make more revenue from selling goodies right?
  9. The stacked brick retaining wall isnt going to last more than a decade as those trees grow.
  10. I just noticed the other day they were missing. I'm even farther behind that you guys. Personal anecdote, I had put together pricing/proposals with a previous firm to perform condition assessment and repair designs for the crown structures back in 2017 or 18. went with someone else obviously. Pity, would have liked to keep those.
  11. Another Finn Title block for you, from a structural drawing--- far less pretty than the previous
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