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  1. This is a bummer. I liked that renovation but I feel as though this place suffered from poor transportation connectivity*, covid and bad location. * That stretch of Washington is awful from a pedestrian standpoint and difficult from a drivers standpoint. The construction at Hempstead/Union Pacific has been going on 3 years now and is goign at snails pace. Even if you wanted to walk there from the Cottage grove neighborhood, or any nearby neighborhood - you couldn't, so youre left with a venue thats "off the beaten path" with no easy way to get to it. Cottage grove residents end up taking the White Oak Bike Trail over to MKT, which has food, a park, and is easier to walk/bike to.
  2. I know its a "station" but Im enthused by this development, only because of the novelty of it. Probably wont be in 15 years but I digress. Im curious of the economics of E-charging stations, surely they're gonna put a convenience store, and make more revenue from selling goodies right?
  3. The stacked brick retaining wall isnt going to last more than a decade as those trees grow.
  4. I just noticed the other day they were missing. I'm even farther behind that you guys. Personal anecdote, I had put together pricing/proposals with a previous firm to perform condition assessment and repair designs for the crown structures back in 2017 or 18. went with someone else obviously. Pity, would have liked to keep those.
  5. Another Finn Title block for you, from a structural drawing--- far less pretty than the previous
  6. I'm like ~75 percent sure I've worked on a Joseph Finger building in the past and we only had partial architectural and structural drawings to work with.
  7. Land Surveyors are rarely involved in the design team meetings. Very front end work most of the time.
  8. This is a pretty large civil engineering, land surveying, (and some) structural engineering firm.
  9. Dollar tree is a multi-billion dollar company. They make a lot of money... Fortune 500 company too I believe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dollar_Tree Doesnt bode well for midtown IMO.
  10. This building turned out quite nice. Really like this building.
  11. If I were structural engineer on this building. I'd be inspecting the bottom of the columns and the beam flanges where water can sit for years corroding. That would be my first goal. 4-5 years of water on steel isnt a killer for most structural steel, but it could be enough to warrant repairs on areas that wouldnt otherwise need it. The CMU probably isnt load bearing, but it might be the lateral system for the condo. I'd ask for a hammer sounding on the CMU blocks that are grouted, and for empty cells, if any, I'd drill holes in the bottom to let water escape. I think as a condo owner, I'd be nervous about mold/organic growth in areas that are no longer accessible, like the stucco air space.
  12. Saw a crew there this weekend. Curious about the QA/QC with several years of water infiltration. I'd be nervous about that from a contractor and design standpoint.
  13. That interior looks better than I would have thought, judging from the exterior.
  14. Yeahhhh! Congratulations Sir. Let me know when youre back in H-Town and I'll get you lunch and a celebratory drink. Congrats again.
  15. fun fact, this site, during the first world war had several training trenches dug into it for the troops at the Now Memorial park military base. The trenches were visible from the air for several decades. Below is the site in December 1944. In 1953 there was some buildings put on the lot 8901 and it looks like most of the trenches were gone by the 80s... but I wonder if there are any archeological remains today.
  16. I've been pretty unimpressed by Daddy's. Gone there twice now... rarely is there a wait. I dont think business is doing well.
  17. all over reddit for some reason this morning. This is a good development, even if it is close to the other target. That target south of 10 is always packed so I'm sure the economics of this probably work out... Glad were getting a multi-use building with street retail. This is in conjunction with the installation of bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure on shepard and Durhan. More developments like this please.
  18. Was looking for some old drawings for work today and totally forgot that library has a bunch of Finn's drawings. https://digital.houstonlibrary.org/hhrcad Some of them have been digitized, but they have more at hte library downtown.
  19. I did a quick google search: https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/36530 http://archives.library.rice.edu/repositories/2/archival_objects/21959 Found this building called the "Electric Building" which was designed by none other than Alfred Finn at 505 Goggan. The second link states it was located at Block 81, one which today is bound by Rusk, Capitol, Travis and Main. I took a peak at the sanborn insurance map for houston from 1896, and there is no Goggan street in downtown... at least that I could see. I think youre right, Goggan Building was the name. The 1907 Sanborn map shows wood frame buildings located at 700 block of main. Again no Goggan street. That building must have not lasted very long <50 years...
  20. Shored the house and replaced the structural members that were rotten in one case. In another case I put a new steel member to supplement the original header (at the garage). The windows were pulled, siding fully removed, re-did all the waterproofing and repainted the house. Not an enjoyable experience.
  21. Found one more. A little older. Says Alfred Finn Associates, architects and engineers. Looks like he had his in-house engineers on some projects...
  22. Another building of his from 1928, looks like he worked with another firm(one that you mentioned). This sometimes occurs when you have a "design" architect who creats the rendering and then a project architect of record that does the detailing etc. No idea what the relationship was for this particular building... Edit: Just going off of OP's comment, did Finn single handedly draw these drawings? By the 1920s For sure not and probably had a team of project architects, drafters, etc working on design,etc.
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