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  1. This is by far the biggest trade in both Houston Dynamo and TFC's history. There's no question that TFC will be a threat next year. As for the Dynamo, they'll still be a threat, but they'll be faster on defense now. Looking forward to seeing what other acquisitions the Dynamo make especially with all that allocation money.
  2. Hopefully, we'll know on December 9th. One thing I do know as well is the fact that a new light rail is in the plans for the area (stadium or not). Also, the Minute Maid parking lot on the Dynamo stadium side would be used for Dynamo parking.
  3. Here's an article on the press conference from Dynamo Planet Also, here's some pics from the conference: And here's a few of the proposed stadium area:
  4. Welcome to HAIF. I actually have quite a few friends that either live in that area, and others that own nightclubs or property there. The people I know there are quite supportive of a stadium in the area because they expect property value to go up, as well as expect road, infrastructure, and other development spurts in the immediate area. That being said, there are both positive and negative opinions on the issue from residents in the area. There's nothing official yet because talks are still ongoing. That being said, I do believe the current plans include turning the Astros parking lot on the Dynamo-Stadium side of the freeway into the Dynamo parking lot. I also believe that the rail plans in the area would have the stadium in consideration, so not all fans would have to directly park in the area on game day. My guess is that shortly after the stadium deal were announced, they'd release the renderings and the City would talk to residents about logistics and parking (at least that's from what I understood from some past news reports).
  5. It was mentioned during he last Dynamo broadcast that the new goal is for the stadium deal to be finalized by the end of the year. Oscar De La Hoya also mentioned the same thing as well when he was asked about it shortly before the hurricane. I do think the deal will get done, but god forbid the Dynamo win another MLS Cup title and the deal still isn't finalized by late November . Last year, the championship party at City Hall turned into a few thousand Houstonians chanting for a new stadium. Seeing how quickly the city's mostly back to business and how much the fan base has solidified even more this past year, I'm sure the party this year will see a few thousand more
  6. Dynamo Stadium Update: Mayor White like to request Harris County to invest $10 Million for the new stadium Also, expect to see a report on KHOU tonight. It looks like the $10 Million could be the final deal needed to be made for the Dynamo to get their new home downtown. Hopefully, by the end of next month we'll hear an announcement and see renderings.
  7. An announcement is expected by the end of September (the end of summer), and according to the news, there's only one or two major issue left on the table until the deal is finalized. Though that hasn't been made public yet, more than likely the hold-up is deciding who will finance what for the stadium and how much. Both sides sound dedicated to trying to get the deal done though. My suggestion is to not expect any announcements this month. Expect it to happen in September.
  8. AEG's Tim Leiweke and Mayor White had a 1-2 hour meeting on the day of the soccer complex opening for stadium negotiations: Dynamo exec says he's optimistic about stadium DynamoPlanet.com mention on stadium talks
  9. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5785786.html In other words, it looks like talks are ongoing. Slow, but ongoing.
  10. I agree that there's nothing wrong with football in soccer stadiums, especially when it means more revenue into the stadium. The only issue would be if the soccer field were covered in gridiron lines on game-day after so much money were spent on making it soccer-specific. I doubt that's going to happen in Houston though because Dynamo would be the majority owners of the stadium and would probably get first dibs on scheduling and groundskeeping.
  11. According to Fox, TSU has moved even closer to a deal with the City and Dynamo within the past 48 hours: TSU Moves Closer To Joining Dynamo Stadium Effort I think if things work out in the next few days, financing may no longer be a question. The question then would be how they'd coordinate the games and events in the stadium to where there aren't any football lines on the soccer pitch during any soccer events. That would probably be taken care of by a strong grounds-crew I assume.
  12. If salary is what you base what makes a league major or minor league, then how many minor leagues do you know have any players with a salary of over $1 Million a year?
  13. http://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com...rticleid=58570 Actually, yes:)
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