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  1. Teagan Presley was born in The Woodlands Bree Olsen is from Houston Meggan Mallone (Powers) is from Houston Syvette Wimberly is from Kingwood Chloe Jones was from Silsbee but lived and stripped in Houston, was a playmate and Porn star died in Houston at 29 from liver failure Carmen Kinsely, Jana Jordan, and Jack Venice are all from Houston Nicole Graves is from Cypress Nicole Graves is from Houston. she lives in the Cy-Fair area currently. Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander have a house in south Houston Lizzy (or Lizzie) Tucker is from Houston.
  2. Well Greaser thanks for telling me what I meant. However using the word "despite" would seem to be an action done without regard to the effect it causes to others, or to oneself. And on the other hand using "to spite" would indicate an action done maliciously to intentionally cause the collateral damage aforementioned. Perhaps either could be correct, depending on what the author intended to express in context. I know of no government which stands to its obligations, even in its own despite, more solidly
  3. But can it be argued, that if you do something that has a known result, could it be possibly viewed as intent? They've already ingested our system with about $1.4 trillion in bailouts, on borrowed money, and then they inject another trillion in bogus paper, what else could they be expecting to happen. See I really think all these witch hunts over bonuses and expenditures involving this radioactive bailout money, that they didn't get the participation they expected out of the hedge funders, so the great master plan is stagnant, so they intentionally wanted to stir the pot with this latest influx, to force someones hand into moving in one direction or the other, instead of just sitting on their hands, as we have seen as of late. Problem here as I see it, is they chopping off their nose despite their face. Throwing they baby out with the wash water, so to speak. Are they that willing to killing the dollar, due to inflationary fallout, just to cover their butts? It looks like a lot of white wash to me, to cover the stains of corruption.
  4. Jesus sevfiv or somebody, please start a thread for the best pollsters and let this one get back to something else. ALL Polls are rigged to reflect a certain agenda, by those doing the polling. That's what pollsters do. Jesus get a clue will you. Why not just hurl Yanni LP's at each other at 30 paces or something.
  5. Two years ago they would have gotten away with it, no more..........
  6. Yeah just a little bit....just to put it in perspective though. $100.00 $10,000.00 $1,000,000.00 $100,000,000.00 (just a normal freight pallet) $1,000,000,000.00 (Ten pallets) $1,000,000,000,000.00 (Ten Thousand Pallets and notice those pallets are double stacked.) Red I hope you are right, frankly everyone better. But I just think they are playing with fire. In turn I also think there has been a lot of inflation in the fear factor, and panic, they have instilled in the public. With every other word out of their mouths, doom and gloom, crisis, the great depression, and so on and so forth. I really don't think people reacted in the manner that they expected. Instead of running out and buying up everything, and getting ready for the end of the world, they sat on their money and flow stopped. Now to stir the pot and get money flowing, they intend to hyper-inflate the economy so a lot of money has to flow around, just to do everyday business? I am bot buying it was the thing to do. Some people are calling it a last ditch effort. Humor me for a minute. Are we really that close to the great depression? I really think not. Grocery stores are full of food, during the depression they weren't. Sure a lot of people have lost their jobs, but nothing near the great depression, percentage wise. Believe me I fully understand, I have received no less than a hundred resumes in the past two months from engineers that have been laid off. Some really desperate, because they were living on credit, like there was no tomorrow. I have managed to keep my ignorant brother bust in upstate NY so I don't have to pay his house notes. But right now the crunch is being felt all over, but it is nothing close to the 1930's, and as far as I am concerned, not even the 1980's. We were due another contraction, it just came a little early this time, it just seems people are less willing to make sacrifices this time, and people are so spoiled anymore, can't really survive, the way our parents did. I really think this doom in gloom is not as bad as they want us to believe. We are wounded, that's a fact, but nothing fatal. I just feel like some are taking advantage of the wounded and doing their laundry in the muddied up water. And now one will know who crapped in the wash water, and won't even know it's done, until a turd floats to the top. maybe I am full of crap, and we did shut down Papa's last night, but we all left there with the same consensus, they are bankrupting the country, and it's going to be hard to borrow from foreign investors, when we are driving drunk, with no real destination in sight. Think I am overwrought if you want my friend, but I think I'm not.
  7. This may not appear to be progressive taxation now, but they just taxed three or four generations to come. I have been talking all evening to some real bean counters, and they all have the same consensus, this is bad, real bad. I mean under the smoke screen of all the political posturing of this AIG fiasco, the Fed just dumped a trillion dollars into the system, unchecked. Those chickens will come home to roost in the form of an elephant. It almost looks like a bait and switch game, and they are doing it with our futures. I just cannot see the logic in this, in a year we will be dealing on the Peso scale. They might as well go back to printing $100,000 notes for circulation, they are going to be needed. If you can get a loan now, you best lock something in at a low rate if you need it, because all I see is high interest rates in the near future. They have got to try and balance this out somehow, and that's not even going to do it. You might as well buy your next car on your Visa Card.
  8. Problem though is they aren't pumping money in they are pumping debt in. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. It's one thing to borrow money from China, but they just printed money from nothing. This never ever works, anywhere in the civilized world is there ever a record of it ever working. Just the opposite as a matter of fact. I am surprised they aren't running the old German newsreels of them burning the money for heat and croaker sacks full of money to buy bread. Our vouchers just got slammed to near nothing, how do you combat that? I just can't fathom this possible scenario.
  9. Somebody care to explain what made gold do this erratic behavior it's done in the last 24 hrs? http://goldprice.org/live-gold-price.html Was it just the announcement of the intent of the Fed to buy up all this bad debt, with an IOU yesterday? Something like $1.18 trillion dollars worth of debt! If this is so we are in for an inflationary flash fire, like we've never seen before. I really need some of you economic gurus to chime in on this deal. This could get ugly pretty quickly. I think this has been tried a dozen times in world history, and has failed every single time. So Bernanke is printing money, after all that smooth talk on 60 Minutes the other night. Have they driven the interest rates so low, that this is all there is left to do? I don't think so. The way it looks now the dollar is worth about twenty-five cents. What in the @%#$& are these idiots thinking?
  10. BINGO! We have a winner.....where do I send the gift card to.
  11. Boing! Boing! Going down................. Speculators are some sick bastards..........
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