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  1. Teagan Presley was born in The Woodlands Bree Olsen is from Houston Meggan Mallone (Powers) is from Houston Syvette Wimberly is from Kingwood Chloe Jones was from Silsbee but lived and stripped in Houston, was a playmate and Porn star died in Houston at 29 from liver failure Carmen Kinsely, Jana Jordan, and Jack Venice are all from Houston Nicole Graves is from Cypress Nicole Graves is from Houston. she lives in the Cy-Fair area currently. Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander have a house in south Houston Lizzy (or Lizzie) Tucker is from Houston.
  2. Jesus sevfiv or somebody, please start a thread for the best pollsters and let this one get back to something else. ALL Polls are rigged to reflect a certain agenda, by those doing the polling. That's what pollsters do. Jesus get a clue will you. Why not just hurl Yanni LP's at each other at 30 paces or something.
  3. Two years ago they would have gotten away with it, no more..........
  4. BINGO! We have a winner.....where do I send the gift card to.
  5. Smoked Boudin and Bugs. Had some last night. Smoked 20 pounds of Boudin, it's better as left overs. The smoke flavor really comes out the second and third day, if it makes it that far.
  6. With the Chinese hold two trillion in bonds, a few vessel issues and jib jabbing, should be the least of our worries. It's would no surprise me to see a correlation in new administrations and boundary testing. Not that far fetched if you think about it. They just may be checking his oil. It's not like there isn't enough distractions around as it is.
  7. Tiger, he's referring to the S&L Crisis and the Bush's not the Oil Crisis. Neil Bush was at the head of Silverado, that cost the taxpayers almost a billion and a half dollars. But it was just a drop in the bucket of all the failures going on, but his dad being V.P. at the time, made him a lightning rod for all the media fallout. Besides dad did pull a few strings to keep him out of prison.
  8. In July 1986 the oil priced dropped to $9.85 per bbl, the impact was felt immediately, and by 1987, banks all over BCS were closing and changing hands, and like I said, 10,000 people in Brazos County lost their jobs. In 1985 Oil was still over $30 per bbl, and not too bad, 1981 was a peak time for Oil prices, near $40.00, and spending was pretty frivolous back then. In 1982 things started trending down, but the bottom fell out in July 1886. By 1987 Bass Boats and Harley's were for sale everywhere. Repo's were a dime a dozen. I was Expat at the time, and didn't feel it like a lot of the locals did then. I had a lot of friends that lost everything
  9. And to the second part of your question, being from the area, 1987 was devastating to BCS. Hundreds of Oil based jobs vanished overnight, literally. About ten thousand people in Brazos County, lost their jobs. Banks closed all over town, things were tough. But as Niche said earlier, The oil crash was a mere ripple on the pond, as to what is going on now.
  10. Today bugs will run you: Southeast Texas Crawfish Farm 11093 Bill Gaulding Rd Beaumont, TX 77705 409-794-1387 Med/LG 2.60/lb purged Doguet's Crawfish Farm (409) 752-5105 Med/Lg 2.85/lb purged Broussard's Crawfish Farm (409) 253-2144 Nome, TX 77629 Med-LG 2.75/lb purged Pickin's are pretty thin, they are not catching a lot. After this front blows through, prices will drop back down. to 1.50/lb. Traps are coming up short right now, so prices are holding. Two weeks ago, harvest was bwtter and the were a buck-fifty a pound, all large.
  11. You are exactly right on that, Perry is grandstanding as usual. Don't know enough about Jindal, I really just think he's just inexperienced and is getting some bad advice. Perhaps he's slicker than I think and is doing some political posturing, and I'm to naive to see it. But Perry is a real piece of work. He's definately looking out for Rick Perry, per the norm. If the GOP has any thoughts of running either of these two in 2012, they might as well just forfeit the win to Obama and be done with it. I may not agree with all of Obama's stuff, but I darn sure don't want to see either one of these two clowns in the White House. Perry has screwed Texas so hard to date, we ought to all be on birth control. I wish Steve (Ogden), would get off his lazy butt and run for Gov.
  12. HCAD or any County Appraisal Officials cannot go inside houses without permission. They can estimate external measurements from property lines, but cannot cross the property lines. Appraisers have the legal authority to enter businesses for tax valuation purposes, but cannot enter a private residence without the owner's permission. This can be a two edged sword. If you piss them off enough, they can set your appraisal at whatever amount, and then you are forced to go through the lengthy appeal process, and then open your self up for a review, which can open you up to a closer look. Next thing you know you have a County Judge granted HCAD permission for all sorts of scrutiny. It can get sticky if they really want to do it. According to Jim Robinson, "There's no statutory authority to go into anybodies house. I don't let my people go in, because in an urban environment and that can raise problems I don't even want to deal with." So if an appraiser stepped foot in your home, I think you can complain to him or Peggy Mason, Taxpayer Liaison Officer. (713) 812-5800. All other personnel of the appraisal office are employed by and accountable to the chief appraiser.
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