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  1. Huh? I haven't said anything about censorship. I'm not trying to get Red unbanned. I stopped in to see how HAIF was doing, see if anyone was talking about the Bookstop/Alabama Theater, and maybe say hi to some friends. I posted in this thread because folks were talking about how I left. Now I'm leaving again. I'm not leaving because this is the editors private property and he gets to do what he wants here. That's all cool. I'm leaving because I don't enjoy how he abuses his authority. Y'all have fun.
  2. Are you trying to imply that you didn't write that to me? You can check for yourself. Edit: Someone suggested that folks here may doubt what I'm saying, so here's a screen shot from the message itself. I've clipped the bottom off because I'm not sure the editor wants all of this made public, but will share that as well if he wishes.
  3. Sent Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 12:45 PM: Those are your words. I was surprised you hadn't deleted them before you posted.
  4. I always appreciated the proactive and attentive job the moderators did on this site. What I found intolerable was the silent edit and the personal grudge. For some reason I was never able to understand, the editor disliked me personally, and changed and deleted my posts without any visible indication. If you hadn't seen my post before he changed it, you would never know that I didn't say those words. I tried to talk with him about it, and it seemed like we had found a resolution for a while, but we hadn't. He kept changing what I wrote, not because of what I wrote, but because I was the author. That was proven to me when he edited my post for content I had quoted from another post, but didn't edit the post I quoted. And when he told me he had a grudge against me and the way I wrote. I understand that he owns this site and its content, and can change anything he wants. That's as it should be. I just can't invest my time and energy in a site that is run this way. If he wants to get into personal feuds, he should do it on a site he doesn't own. On this site he should be preventing feuds, not using his special power to win them.
  5. I decided to log in tonight for the first time in over four months, just to find one of my three favorite posters had finally had enough of the editor's shenanigans. What a shame. Bye again. I wish I could think of something more dramatic to say. Oh wait... You're all DOOMED! DOOMED!!
  6. I quit posting. Editor considers me an "internet elitist asshat". I tried to discuss it with him and resolve it like grownups, but he continued to single out my posts and edit them. He was just changing my words without any indication that he'd done so. I love this place, but I can't tolerate being picked on by the owner. I'll miss you. Bye.
  7. One of the rules is that you aren't entitled to know all the rules. You are being reasonable, but that doesn't really matter.
  8. Niche: This is The Editor's sandbox. If you want to play here, you have to obey him. If you don't want to obey him, or if you get tired of his antics, you can always leave.
  9. I don't think you understand what "white flight" is. It happens when an all-white neighborhood gets a non-white resident. Some folks feel that threatens property values, so they immediately put their homes on the market. Other folks may not see it that way, but the race to sell starts a decrease in property values. The panic (sometimes fanned by "blockbusting" by real estate agents) creates a scenario where the first to sell get the highest price, so everyone is driven to sell as fast as possible. This is all pretty well documented. You can read about it on Wikipedia. "White flight" isn't the only effect at work, it's just an obvious reason for Sharpstown's racial history.
  10. I disagree. When white folks move away as soon as one or two slightly darker people move in, it causes all kinds of economic changes in a neighborhood. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that drives down property values.
  11. "The Stoned Age". I liked Linklater's "Slacker", but have been disappointed by the rest of his films.
  12. I saw "Dazed and Confused" and was not impressed. There are better films dealing with the same subject matter out there.
  13. I don't think Texans litter more than the human average. They may litter more than some other specific state, but I've seen no evidence of it.
  14. On the TV show "Mad Men" last year, the family went for a picnic. After it was done, the dad took all the trash and just threw it out in a field. It was shocking because (on average) we litter a lot less than we used to. I remember a lot more littering when I was a little kid. Littering isn't a modern thing or a Texan thing, it's a human thing; that's how we know so much about our distant ancestors.
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