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  1. I don't think you understand what "white flight" is. It happens when an all-white neighborhood gets a non-white resident. Some folks feel that threatens property values, so they immediately put their homes on the market. Other folks may not see it that way, but the race to sell starts a decrease in property values. The panic (sometimes fanned by "blockbusting" by real estate agents) creates a scenario where the first to sell get the highest price, so everyone is driven to sell as fast as possible. This is all pretty well documented. You can read about it on Wikipedia. "White flight" isn't the only effect at work, it's just an obvious reason for Sharpstown's racial history.
  2. I disagree. When white folks move away as soon as one or two slightly darker people move in, it causes all kinds of economic changes in a neighborhood. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that drives down property values.
  3. We went Sunday and I hated it. The park is way too popular now. All of these improvements have brought out the worst sort of people, the kind that breathe and move about and park. Four or five years ago we could go on a nice Sunday afternoon and there were 1/3rd the number of humans there. The bridge was ugly and we saw a duck commit murder. My wife was upset by it, but we don't know the whole story. The dead duck could have killed the other duck's father, for all we know. Oh, and if you're going to look at the zoo's red panda ("The Cutest Animal In The World!"), don't bother. It's just a raccoon.
  4. It seems to have been dictated by "Stephen J. Ewbank, executive vice president of Planned Community Developers, Town Square's developer". That's a big clue that it's a press release.
  5. What's being torn down to build this?
  6. I know it's spring break for a bunch of people, and the Children's Museum just opened up a new section.
  7. Vertigo is sticking it to the man! Developers don't like it, but he won't sugar coat it! You go, Vertigo!
  8. Don't try to predict crime statistics from the local news. The more scared you are, the more money they make.
  9. That last cold spell had me craving the old Pot Pie. I used to live next door and pop over there at any hour to get one. Mmmmm.
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