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  1. That plus UHD expansion. I think this area is bound to be one of the most energetic neighborhoods in the city
  2. Vikki Hollub mentioned during a recent report that Oxy was looking to consolidate on one campus, just north of the existing Greenway office. There was a lot of suspicion that it would be at the RO! This would have to be a pretty sizeable development.
  3. Looks like it’s another Randall Davis joint. Comparable lot size and unit count as the London House, I would expect a similar scale development here. Definitely won’t be the Michael Hsu render from before.
  4. So I'm a little confused. It looks like most of the events referenced in the suit occurred from 2016-2019, and case is going to trial soon. But this property was actually sold earlier this year, and has had some recent work done replacing some CMU walls and cleaning up the property. So is it still locked up in litigation, or are the current owners free to proceed with work?
  5. I sincerely hope this isn't the case. There are so many available infill locations in Uptown, including the lot immediately south that has had 3 or 4 failed proposals and the open lots in BLVD place. We don't need to start tearing down perfectly usable towers when there's so much open land.
  6. Does this mean that there's no immediate plan to redevelop that parking lot? I assumed they'd keep that lot separate if they planned to put an apartment complex or garage there.
  7. We always keep an eye out for RVBBs in the Heights! They have a very distinctive almost "quack" call & like to perch at the very tops of trees.
  8. Love me some P Terrys. IMO, best fast food burger, hands down. Super excited for them to enter the Houston market, can't wait for them to get some locations closer in to town. If you haven't tried them yet, 100% recommend you all take a trip there when this location opens.
  9. None of this seems particularly new. Agree with CREguy. I will only believe it if they break ground on the section facing Allen Pkwy in the near term. They’ve indicated that’s their next step, and once again have been delaying execution. Also, what’s a “Master community”?
  10. Great find InTheKnow, you may have just sniffed out the next mixed-use development in Montrose! Looks like at least 2 new structures on the east corners, and potentially adaptive reuse of the structure facing Montrose. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
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