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  1. This is exciting. I’ve been off this site for a bit (since things are slow) and I login this am and see this. Was hoping for maybe a bit larger hotel, but they’ve probably done the numbers and this works best. There is no timeline -as stated- but I wonder if they will push to complete in time for World Cup? Seems doable if there is movement early in ‘24. (Apologies if I misread something further up.)
  2. A further look reveals what appears to be some topographical relief. We all know Houston has none.
  3. Anyone else think that elevator penthouse is too tall? I realize this will change as an additional floor (or so) is added to the building.
  4. That’s true. So we should abandon everything and stop dreaming for a potential replacement use for the astrodome then. You’ve solved it! Bravo.
  5. Methinks these “developers” are probably either friends with the McNair’s or on the HLS&R board…. Would seem about right, since both of those parties want more parking for the 11 Sunday’s the Texans use the parking, and 2 weeks of early spring the Rodeo uses the facilities. best use of a stadium is as a stadium! Renovate it and lease it to HISD for cents on a dollar, or use it for Olympic sports as a part of TMC integrating sports medicine and training facilities.
  6. I’m of the impression the compound is designed with security in mind. Period. It is architecturally significant, but it isn’t destined to be a “feel free to walk off the street and just mill about” sort of place.
  7. Amen to that @tangledwoods regarding clients who are organized versus those who aren’t... That said the Aga Kahn Foundation probably doesn’t build all too often, and may not be as experienced as a local hotel or gas station developer. Neither does the MFAH, but I would suspect these would be rewarding and quality clients despite the overall lack of experience.
  8. Hardly worthy of an announcement. Guess things are slow if this is news worthy for Ion.
  9. I’m just going to go out on a limb and suppose the architect is a tad zealous with regard to controlling the details here. That is reinforced by the developer/owner who likely wants to have as crisp and perfect of a job as possible. I suspect that money is not an issue for this project in the slightest. It is the centerpiece of this foundations American presence, and a prominent one at that.
  10. Project like this will have a near endless stream of RFI’s I’ll wager. It’s all figured into the price. Question for any Architect’s/Engineers and Contractors on here: have any of you ever worked on a high profile project with a crazy high budget - such as a museum or building like this?
  11. Was expecting a big non-Houston company to be a part of that announcement. Typical click-bait headline.
  12. To me - it’s kinda Austin in a nutshell recently with regard to their many tall buildings. Most are stretched residential towers that are tall for the sake of being tall and nothing else. I think Texas Commerce Tower isn’t ugly, it’s far more simplistic in what it is trying to be than Red Rocket over yonder. It also, if you recall, would have been the 3rd or 4th tallest building in town if the oil bust hadn’t occurred. Oh well. Good for Austin. They deserve some tall buildings filled with whatever it is they’re filled with. I understand they’ve got some flights to places like Paris and London nowadays too. To think the whole city wouldn’t exist but for Mirabeau B. Lamar’s utter disdain for Sam Houston!
  13. Seems odd that this big development would go in right next to a massive tank farm with (I assume) multiple pipeline terminus’ just across the fence line to the north/northeast. Oh well. I’m sure the tank farm has been in planning for a lot longer than this, so at least it wasn’t an unknown.
  14. @Ross good stuff. Thanks for the information. Personally I hope they do build this. I’m a big proponent of alternative energy as a supplement to our more “traditional” methods of energy production (natural gas, nuclear being the primary sources I favor), and hope it’s wildly successful. Goodness knows it won’t suffer from extreme winter weather out that far into the Gulf. It’s primarily August and September to worry over for anything offshore.
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