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  1. Here's the State of the University presentation that details some of the new buildings. Memorial Herman did a naming rights deal 30 days ago. I don't know the value or the length of the deal. Currently at 105k sqft and will add 14 suites 450 seat club, and 300 seat roof terrace lounge. Information for Innovation Hub in the video is the exact same that @hindesky posted above. Same as @hindesky posted above. Inside of the food hall looks pretty nice from what we've seen. There's going to be a new medical research popping up around campus soon. This is possible due to funding from the 87th legislature. On another note the medical school is in its 4th year and will be graduating its first class in May 2024. There's also more images for the Sugar Land Building but alas this is not the appropriate thread for that. Exciting times ahead!
  2. You know I wouldn't mind if neo-gothic, or art-deco skyscrapers (even Italian renaissance) came back into style. Maybe something like a combination of the modern glass architecture going up and the more ornamental styles mentioned? I wonder if we can convince Crane to build something like the Woolworth building.
  3. I think it is? Well they're having meetings in it rn. I also remember seeing a presentation hall with a bunch of well dressed students inside the med school on facebook, but I can't find it for some reason.
  4. Wonder if they're ever going to get that tower built. This lot is kind of the odd one out in the area now, especially since you have a bunch of high end residential and office towers directly next to it.
  5. Thank you, forgot about them. Gonna edit them in.
  6. Anybody know why http://www.downtowndistrict.org/ stop posting updates on the Downtown markets? They were always fun to look at, and had a lot of good information. Anyway, there seems to be a lot of apartment development going on in downtown right now. On top of the 41 residential properties and the 6,279 units that come with it, we have another 2,254 units under construction. That would bring the total units to *ding* *ding*... 8,533 units. Downtown is accelerating faster and faster towards that 12k units goal, honestly exciting to see. List of under construction apartment (re)developments within the downtown area: Note: There's maybe 1 or 2 of these already completed, but I'm keeping them in for consistency sake. McKee City Living: 120 units - completion 1Q 2022. Brava: 373 units - est completion 4Q 2022. Sovereign at the Ballpark: 229 units - est completion 2022. 1810 Main: 286 units - est completion 2022. Parkside Residences: 309 Units - est completion 1Q 2023. Warehouse District 1: 304 units - est completion 4Q 2023. Warehouse District 2: 184 Units - est completion 2Q 2024. 1801 Smith Conversion: 372 Units - est completion 2Q 2023. City View Lofts: 57 units - est completion 2023 Prairie St Renovation: 20 Units - est completion 4Q 2022 One of the great things about this is that a lot of these buildings will be done relatively soon. Now for some numbers crunching. If we're assuming an person/unit range of 1.41 - 1.71, and we're using an occupancy range of 84.1% (last official statement) - 91% (2019 Q3). We can get a Downtown apartment population of (with all the units completed) 10,118 - 12,271 at 84.1% occupancy, and 10,948 - 13,277 at 91%. Hopefully we can get nightlife foot traffic back to its pre-covid levels. I haven't seen the foot traffic during the day, but I heard it has almost gotten back normal, especially with those huge conventions like Anime Matsuri going on. Hopefully Downtown can pass its pre-covid self foot traffic in the next year or so. EDIT: Added City View Lofts II and Prairie St Renovation.
  7. FOOD HOLE NOW GONE, REPLACE WITH FOOD TOWER. Anyway, you're doing an amazing job@hindesky. It's always a good time looking through your post and seeing how the city is changing. While I'm going to miss the ever legendary food hole (The Satellite), the food tower (The Hub) will be a great and welcome addition to UH. It's amazing how much UH has changed in the past year, I probably won't recognize it in the next half decade.
  8. More Football Operations Building News, along with a fundraising campaign. Campaign: https://uhcougars.com/news/2022/6/23/cougar-pride-houston-athletics-launches-100-million-fundraising-drive.aspx A lot of new images with a few old ones.
  9. Might be a mix of single story and multi-story lofts, Looks really cool imo. Hope they start doing more conversions of the older office stock into residential/hotel or maybe even mixed use with a sizeable retail component on a few of them. I could see something like 601 Jefferson, 1111 Fannin, or even 800 Bell like y'all proposed above being converted. Wouldn't mind thinning that office stock to get more people living/visiting downtown. Also, wouldn't mind seeing something like a sizeable public plaza and a couple attractions that could anchor it. There are definitely enough parking lots in the area to do something like that. If there's one thing downtown needs more of(Houston in general) it would be big open plazas where people could gather, just need to find a way to make that viable and an enjoyable experience.
  10. Nice infill for that part of downtown, having another hotel/apartment in that area should help bolster an already decent size pocket of hospitality/residential buildings.
  11. It's looking much better now, just wish they would of made all of the glass look like the glass panels on the left, or something that better fits with those panels. If the whole building had that deep blue glass it would look amazing. Doesn't look half bad, but the cyan blue doesn't fit the building. Also, excited for the next phase of development hopefully that high rise comes to fruition.
  12. There seems to be a huge surge in support from the legislative in Austin, along with the Governor also expressing support of the endowment. This also along with a $50 million appropriation for "institutional enhancements" in 2021 from the state that they've never received before, which is a type of funding UT/TAMU has been receiving for years, seems show a favorable push for something like this.
  13. https://stories.uh.edu/2022PresidentPubLegislative/index.html Speaking of government funding, UH intends to ask the state for a $1 billion permanent endowment during the 2023 legislative session. At first providing an extra $40-$50 million/year disbursement to the UH system, with the potential to grow it like the other state funds. This in addition with UH's current endowment of $1.103 billion (2021) will allow for a much needed boost in funding, especially for its goals to be a top 50 public university, and an invite into the AAU. Also, should allow for easier funding of campus buildings and ultimately higher quality projects. Should be a treat for us Haifers in the future.
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