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  1. It's a difficult situation. I have spent a small fortune on photographic equipment and my income relies on copyright protection, and I understand the situation there. But at the same time, when someone posts photos here and then later deletes them, it's harmful to the community. A big feature of this site is serving as a historic record of construction projects and their progress. You can't just go out and take a photo to replace one that someone else deleted, because things have changed since then. So the photos are irreplaceable. At the same time, I don't know about anyone else, but for me, if someone has already taken photos of a project at a given point in time to post here, I'm not going to waste time doing it again, since someone else already did it. I already lost a lot of interest in taking time to post photos here after an earlier incident where a moderator deleted a bunch of threads made by someone else, some of which had many photos that I had taken and didn't want removed, so I'm certainly not going to take pictures of a construction project the same week someone else did, since there is minimal extra value in that -- and when I do post photos here I generally only use quick cell phone shots because I don't want to put much effort into something that someone might delete. But when someone deletes photos they have taken, that removes it from the historic record, and there's no way anyone who was dissuaded from taking the photos can go back in time to that point to retake them themselves. It's better to have never had the photos taken in the first place than to have them taken and then deleted, gone forever. IMHO if there is going to be a rule against reposting deleted photos, there should also be a rule against systemic deletion of one's own photos due to how much it breaks the social contract. With social-media sites, it's pretty much universal that posting content grants an irrevocable license to the site to continue to distribute that content in perpetuity, and that probably should be the rule here too (admittedly, this site does not mention anything about this in its well-hidden terms-and-conditions page), which would allow lost photos to be restored. If one doesn't want their photos to stay on this site, in my opinion, they shouldn't post them to this site in the first place. The Wayback Machine already keeps these photos and publishes them online for anyone, if it crawled the thread in time, so reposting deleted photos is no more illegal than what the Wayback Machine does. I don't know whether that means it's illegal or not.
  2. They've had scaffolding on that building for years, before even COVID. I think they put it up for pressure-washing the fa├žade, which was getting pretty grimy in places, and they did make some progress on washing it but still haven't finished. Just seems like a very, very slow process. Sometimes the scaffolding seems to change a bit but I haven't actually noticed anyone working on it in years.
  3. Or just restore them. After the first two times he deleted all his photos, I started backing them up so I have all saved since October, and some of the earlier ones might be on the Wayback Machine. Here are the photos deleted from the post you quoted, and I can provide the rest if anyone is interested (423 photos, 1.07 GB):
  4. That's what they've been doing. There's about half as much surface parking as there was 15 years ago, thanks to replacing surface parking lots with new buildings and a garage and other development. The George R. Brown Tennis Center, the Anderson-Clarke Center, the Brockman Hall for Opera, the Allen Center Garage, the football practice dome, and several residential college buildings are now on what used to be surface parking lots.
  5. It's about to go vertical now. Foundation was poured before Christmas, and they are delivering steel for the structure now. Also, I heard a rumor that there will be a school component to this too. I believe this is being built by St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church but I'm not seeing any details on their web site so I could be wrong.
  6. I'm surprised nobody has posted about this before, but they've been doing a huge renovation of the tunnel level of this building to add a large amount of seating for the restaurants around it. Sadly there is a lot of vacancy (unfortunately typical for downtown these days), but it will be really nice for the restaurants around it. It's almost done and it's finally open to walk around now:
  7. That would make the gap between Central Station Main and Downtown Transit Center too large. There have been a few times the train has had to stop and turn around at Downtown Transit Center because of an issue on the tracks in downtown, and then I have to walk all the way from there to Central Station, and that's a pretty hot and sweaty walk. I realize the maximum walk would only be half that distance if Main Street Square and Bell were removed, but that's still a long way. I agree that Central Station Main is too close to both Preston and Main Street Square, but remember, that station didn't originally exist. It was only added about a decade ago for the transfers to the Green and Purple lines. But it's important as a transfer station so I can understand why they did it. Ideally maybe a single station could go in the middle to replace both Preston and Main Street Square but I can't see how the cost of that could possibly be justified. That said, the train usually only has the doors open for 15-20 seconds at the stops, so even after adding overhead due to possibly missing lights as a result and slowdown/speedup time, each additional stop doesn't add even a minute of travel time. It usually takes 10-11 minutes between Central Station Main and Wheeler for me (improved from the 11-13 minutes it used to take until they fixed some of the signaling perhaps 5 years ago) which is pretty reasonable.
  8. Sounds like the plans for the high-rise depicted in the renderings are on hold, and instead they will just renovate the existing nightclub into a bar?
  9. I found this out the hard way about 9 hours ago. Wish I'd checked here first! I hadn't been in a few months so I thought I'd catch lunch here today. Oh well!
  10. Or one could just use the current Metro app to pay for fares, which doesn't even require tapping. A minority of passengers use that, but I'm sure it's at least 10% of the people I see on my bus.
  11. I'd be surprised if they keep two systems. The new machines haven't been active on any of my buses yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll just get rid of the old machine and slide the new one over. And I'd have to pull the card out for both rides to ensure the same card is used on both, so what you are suggesting doesn't make sense. Thankfully nobody said it was a major inconvenience. I just said it was a major decrease in convenience. I've ridden Metro thousands of times over the years. Yes, there are greater inconveniences, but that's no reason to accept just one more inconvenience. Every little thing adds up.
  12. This will be frustrating for me. When I tap my Q-card to board the train or bus, I just tap my wallet. My Q-card is the only card it recognizes so it works. But since I have several tap-to-pay credit cards in my wallet, too, with the new system it would probably be random which it charges. That's not necessarily a problem for the first ride, but when I do the connection I would need it to recognize the same card or I'd get charged again. So this means that with the new system, I will have to pull my card out of my wallet and tap it separately, which is a major decrease in convenience.
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