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  1. What it came down to was that staff's (City of Houston Planning Dept) recommendation was to deny (which is weird because I am pretty sure they're recommendation two weeks ago was to approve and it was switched to defer for two weeks to give residents time to review the parking study). The planning commission has to basically agree with "staff's decision" unless they can find an unnecessary hardship that the applicant will experience. The commission went back and forth trying to figure out what the hardship could potentially be if they were to vote to approve the variance (going against staff's recommendation). Commissioner Baldwin talked about economic hardship for the developer already getting 80% the way through permitting...state laws doesnt allow you to use financial hardship as one of the hardships so that was struck down. Commissioner Baldwin also stated that there will be a hardship on pedestrians if this gets denied because the development does meet a lot of walkable places guidelines and makes it safer for pedestrians by providing wider sidewalks, less curb cuts, and pedestrian scale lighting and that could potentially go away if the parking variance is denied. Ultimately, they couldn't find the hardship, thus they had to agree with staff's recommendation.
  2. Wow, a shocking turn of events, the commission ended up denying the variance. I’m a bit shocked by the decision. The previous meeting, most seemed on board with it. Definitely felt a tone shift with it during yesterday’s meeting. Not sure what’s up. Anyways, it was denied and will most likely end up at 35 units, and valued engineered (no interior walkways, no trash chute, no weight/workout room, and no ground floor lobby - all from what the applicant said would happen if they don’t get the variance).
  3. I think the Emnora Hike and Bike Trail/Spring Branch Trail is a perfect example of it being done. It is just a matter of getting the right people/entities at the table to make it happen. https://maps.app.goo.gl/hjSFpekGH1gfRtN69
  4. Yes, it is a utility easement corridor, but it is in the Houston Bike Plan and HCTRA's Tollways to Trailways Plan identified that corridor as a potential trail as well. 22-2873 - Tollways to Trailways Draft Plan 4.25 (houston.org)
  5. On-street parking is allowed on this stretch of W Gray, though no one ever uses it.
  6. Not sure if these count, but here are a few more I could think of: - La Maison River Oaks Apartments at 2800 Revere Street has a fountain in the center of its driveway entrance. - Decorative Center of Houston at 5120 Woodway Dr along its walkway entrance - The Tradition–Woodway at 6336 Woodway Dr at its drop off entrance
  7. I just think someone doesn't like red...first the red lanes, now this...
  8. So we have our answer, METRO is removing the red and blue paint to increase safety??? They said it would allow officers better visibility inside the train. The stickers do not block any windows....again, these were installed to make the train more visible to all road users and increase safety. I don't buy their reason for removing it. Why Houston light rail trains have a new (old) look - Axios Houston
  9. So are they wanting the historical designation so they can get some tax incentives, which will allow them to rehab the building?
  10. I dont think so as in the flyover video the stations are in the center and the bus would use left side boarding. The flyover video mentions that park and ride buses can pass the BRT buses as they stop in the stations, so I'm guessing vehicles would be able to do the same thing. I would love to see the two uses be separated in their own elevated viaducts.
  11. My guess is that TxDOT and METRO will compromise and make the viaduct BRT AND HOV instead of bus only.
  12. And keep in mind, all of the METRONext projects (University Corridor BRT, Inner Katy BRT, and Gulfton BRT) had monthly updates every month for the METRO Board for the past 2-3 years up until March or April 2024, which is right after Chair Brock was appointed. METRO had been working very hard on all three of these projects up until then...
  13. I watched the meeting. In METRO's eyes, they viewed University Line as all or nothing. In reality, they definitely could and should have thought about breaking it up if there is such a big concern for their finances. They could build segment 1 (which is Westchase to Lower Uptown TC) running along unused land next to Westpark Toll Road and a components of Segment 2 to connect with Greenway Plaza and then run on 59 to Midtown terminating at Wheeler TC. This would provide a great East/West transit corridor that we so desperately need. METRO also said Inner Katy BRT is still under review and they have not made a decision on that. They did make a decision on Gulfton BRT, which they gave the go-ahead for it and they'll will bring back monthly updates for that project.
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