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  1. I may not be in Houston anymore, but I had to check back in here just to say...how 'bout them Astros?!
  2. Oof, little did I know posting such a simple video would've sparked such a debate. My bad!
  3. Thought I'd bump this thread with a video from HOUExplorer showcasing the trolleys in action. It's about 5 months old, but great 4K quality footage showcasing the vehicles and the line (HOUExplorer has some other great transit videos from Houston, definitely check their channel out!):
  4. Hey y’all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on HAIF, and I’m not sure if this thread is the appropriate place for this video, but I thought it was an interesting discussion on transit/walkability that revolves around Houston (you can skip to 3:43 in the video if you want to get to the Houston stuff). While I don’t agree with everything presented in the video, it literally hit home for me because of his area of study. Before I recently relocated to Chicago, I lived in Jersey Village for almost 2 years, and from what I can tell given his map and video footage, he looks to be near Willowbrook Mall (the In-and-Out gave it away for me). He does make several good points, granted his time is spent more in the suburbs I can see his criticism reverberate to other areas of the city, even within the loop. Most of his observations went over my head when I lived there, probably due to the fact that I have grown up in car culture. But I definitely recall the lack of sidewalks in many areas and the limited walkability that created in essence “islands” of walkability, stranding people. Again, I think Houston is a complicated city to judge, so I think it’s open for discussion on how the city can make strides to improve walkability and other forms of transit that don’t revolve around the car. He does note that Houston has made improvements as of recent, so it’s not all negative. Definitely would love to hear people’s thoughts, Houston will always be a 2nd home for me and I miss it!
  5. Well guys, some exciting stuff! Via Postoffice District on Instagram, it appears the trolleys are going through tests, an encouraging sign for sure! https://www.instagram.com/p/COLiZ0aBXCz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. ^ Those signs are ancient. I lived at the Camden Plaza down the road 2 years ago and they were there since 2018. I do hope something happens with the space!
  7. Saw crews moving the old house from the elevated highway this weekend. Pretty incredible, wish I had snapped a picture!
  8. This project is turning out soooo good. Just imagine if in a future phase they add apartments or office space around the main building, it's a completely new district/neighborhood.
  9. Biked past the MKT last weekend, loved the connectivity with the Heights Trail. There was some event going on there, looks like a fantastic place to hang out.
  10. Wow, even though the total number of towers looks like it has dropped from 3 to 2, I love this design over the original. Fingers crossed that height doesn't get slashed down the road.
  11. How Industrial Relics Will Get a New Life in Buffalo Bayou Partnership's East Sector https://www.houstoniamag.com/travel-and-outdoors/2020/11/buffalo-bayou-partnership-east-sector-project
  12. Crazy to think this was a massive parking lot just a couple years ago. Great infill. Used to walk by it all the time when I lived at Camden!
  13. Fantastic! Really love what they've done, I honestly think the almost finished product looks better than the renderings.
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