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  1. Honestly, this project is...good. Folks been sleeping on the goodness of this one. Handsome modernist ship like thing.
  2. I used to eat here, they made a mean pork loin with a pan fried salsa verde. One day--a long long time ago--went by and found it was closed.
  3. Two things: 1) would watch the cynical 70s municipal political thriller that that picture is a frame of, and 2) don't care for naming anything "plaza" that isn't like an actual individual plaza a la the one in the theater district.
  4. Giving off corner of Bay Area Blvd and Space Center Blvd vibes.
  5. I'll just throw this in there: they built the Washburn Tunnel, show someone should know how to bore holes near (in) water.
  6. I'm probably more excited about this than anything (not transportation/metro related).
  7. Northwest Mall is pretty well adjacent to the Heights and Heights-surrounding population centers.
  8. For those Giorgio de Chirico heads, it's giving real The Red Tower and The Enigma of the Hour energies
  9. I feel like I should defend it as a tower where there are none, but actually I feel the opposite. If it were in Midtown I'd laugh and say what the hell. But in a place where people will see it plainly from miles around you'd like a more...well, more.
  10. Perfect opportunity for a wandering gang of renovators/squatters
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