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  1. Yeah the blue glass trend on buildings has become a bit overdone and tired IMO.
  2. Hopefully that path in the map isn’t correct or it’s going to require a lot of eminent domain. The obvious and less painful path would be paralleled along US Alt 90 then turn north onto South Post Oak Road which feeds into I-610.
  3. So we have the former Houston Downtown Post Office listed as a historic building by the state and then we go and implode this architecturally historic building in Pasadena?? I don’t get it. Other than Galveston, historic preservation here in this region is truly a joke.
  4. Well no wonder. Thanks for the clarification. The feds probably only approved the listing since it was a historically government owned building. Regardless what the commission/feds think on its “historic-ness”, I have to disagree on this one. Maybe I can see the listing for the administration building only, even as butt ugly as it is (really? facade modifications aren’t allowed?!), but not for the surrounding distribution warehouse portion. That’s purely ridiculous if so. Guess this means I am not as pro-preservation of “historic” buildings as I thought I was. Lol. Oh well.
  5. While this building hasn’t been recladded, its exterior style is reminiscent of the architecturally beautiful buildings that were “modernized” with recladding of ugly sheet metal in the 50’s/60’s. Regardless of its supposed concrete structural integrity, I don’t think its facade is architecturally or historically significant. It’s mind boggling that the city sees some kind of historical significance in this plainly put, beige warehouse and not in the many historically beautiful buildings that have since been torn down and still are to this day. Very backward priorities.
  6. So I wonder if the Hard Rock Cafe downtown at Bayou Place will stay put or move to this thing when/if completed?
  7. Harrisburg and Eastwood. You can see the newly built Baker Ripley building on the first picture to the far left.
  8. The front corner and balconies in the rendering look alright but the many repetitive cut out windows just really kills it for me. It immediately reminded me of the same cut out windows on The Hampton/Homewood Suites Hotel downtown. Also, the modern yet bland minimalist look doesn’t really mesh well with the surrounding “historic” neighborhood. I feel since this current design trend took hold, we have become very closed minded to all other styles. The modern trend just doesn’t translate well in every location, this to me being an example. The height is okay considering there are other tall buildings nearby.
  9. I can’t see this hotel brand lasting at this spot for long. It’s at a very weird location. “Walking distance to Sams Club and Walmart”? Lol. Only in Houston. My bet, it gets rebranded to a mainstream hotel tag if built.
  10. Maybe a new sign is coming? The old, original sign was placed on top in 2016, some time before the August 2017 logo and name shortening to BHP.
  11. Not to totally derail this topic but I really dislike the many “address only” titled topics. They are completely useless and rarely read on my part. Names of businesses and/or developments need to be included in the title if there is to also be an address.
  12. Solely basing on these three renderings, it is not groundbreaking like the original design was. Definitely has lost its edge. And personally, other than that awesome Houston freeway map on the ceiling, I dislike it.
  13. Large, yes. Transformative and forward thinking, I think not. Developments like The Woodlands or Kingwood only furthered sprawl, they are the antithesis of the “forward thinking” projects I believe Arche_757 was referring too.
  14. It’s an ugly and cheaply made looking development. Will likely be falling apart as fast as it becomes outdated.
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