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  1. it looks like an old DQ. But then again.... there's this....
  2. it's more of a slap at cornynholio than at non-cooks... heh But I totally agree with the ENJOY thing.... let the vegans have California... Vegan is an old Indian (casino/feather type) word that means bad hunter :)
  3. you're not a Texan if you can't cook a good brisket.
  4. check out the "what's Up With Shipping" youtube channel for more info. We need a Minorcan Mullet type youtube channel to cover the removal of the bridge wreck, like the Mullet's captain covered that ship that rolled over in his area...
  5. My mom used to have a space in the Barn Door next door to this theater. I didn't realize it was a theater... .
  6. IIRC, it was still the Continental Airlines building at the time. I thought it was funny that southbound Southwest Airlines flights made their sharp left turn over this building on their way to Hobby... It's like they were buzzing the competition.
  7. I'm going to guess there was a building a few feet away next door, so they didn't go through the expense of putting a nice facade on something that not many people would see.
  8. Skanska will break ground on their downtown properties, and not just to move that big tree
  9. One of the parking lots has been rented by Rise Rooftop , now Warehouse Live, for valet parking
  10. I did a thing at (insert venue name here) for one of the two sportsball teams from Monday's match. Their head of the board of regents was standing next to me while the president of their university was rallying the troops, bragging about how their sportsball players are smarter than the rest. The head of the board of regents leaned over to me and asked me if I was taking notes.... I leaned back at her and told her I'm from Texas, you people from north of the Red River don't know jack about sportsball.
  11. all the easy prey is gone.\that's why it's a ghost town.
  12. what did you think of the almost new Warehouse? The construction project is halfway done, there's major things planned, coming in the next few months.
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