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  1. I'm going to guess there was a building a few feet away next door, so they didn't go through the expense of putting a nice facade on something that not many people would see.
  2. Skanska will break ground on their downtown properties, and not just to move that big tree
  3. One of the parking lots has been rented by Rise Rooftop , now Warehouse Live, for valet parking
  4. I did a thing at (insert venue name here) for one of the two sportsball teams from Monday's match. Their head of the board of regents was standing next to me while the president of their university was rallying the troops, bragging about how their sportsball players are smarter than the rest. The head of the board of regents leaned over to me and asked me if I was taking notes.... I leaned back at her and told her I'm from Texas, you people from north of the Red River don't know jack about sportsball.
  5. all the easy prey is gone.\that's why it's a ghost town.
  6. what did you think of the almost new Warehouse? The construction project is halfway done, there's major things planned, coming in the next few months.
  7. yes. Almost every hotel downtown has large meeting rooms and ballrooms, most are booked a year or more in advance. When most people think of conventions, they think of the quilting thing, the United Rents thing (it takes up the entire GRB with overflow to hotel ballrooms), and other large events like that. There are hundreds of corporate shows every year around town, more space is needed.
  8. the Furs have been known to rehearse at Francisco's Studios in EaDo. We had them for two nights once. We did the first night of their tour one day, then had them for a private party the next day. Do i miss those days? No. Thanks for getting me fired, dave chappelle... .
  9. the guy quoted in the cnn article is right. We need an intermodal location for bus and train. The only difficulty is that the train station is nearly impossible to find, and the parking lot there is garbage for busses at the moment. The advantage to using the train station as intermodal is that it is in a relatively safe area thanks to all the police officer stations nearby.
  10. she can always drive to New Mexico. or get a second opinion. I trust doctors about as far as I can throw them these days
  11. the car on the right is a 1978 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. It has to be a '78 because 2 Allen Center is nowhere to be seen yet, and it was finished in '78. That means this pic was made in late '77 and that car is brand new. (the '77 had large red lenses on the vertical chrome pieces) There's no Republic Bank building, that's the old Western Union switching building between the Alley and the HL&P building and it's annex. The shadows under the other cars are straight down, so I guess the pic was taken at noon on a Saturday since Downtown was a ghost town on weekends back in the late 70's.
  12. Warehouse EaDo is gone. Bye. The last show was a benefit for one of the security guys, opened and hosted by me. My favorite show there was Rick Astley in the Ballsroom, and Puddles Pity Party in the Studio. On the Puddles show, I was running all over town fixing other people's screwups when I got a call saying the guy at Warehouse couldn't make Puddles's video screen work right, so off I went. I spent an hour fixing it, and chatting with a guy who was almost 7 feet tall. It was Big Mike, aka Puddles. During the show, he never said a word, he just sang. He would grab people from the audience, bring them onstage, and sing to them, then kick them offstage. He came out to the crowd, grabbed me, dragged me onstage, and right before he kicked me off the stage, he whispered "you rock" into my ear. the dumbest show was Drake. I babysat the venue for 3 days while they brought in a set that was a recreation of DJ Screw's storefront. They figured out the set they made was too tall, so they took it back outside and chopped a foot off of it.
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