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  1. Drove by this place last night a bit before 7:00, and it was jammed with people.
  2. You want sexy, just wait until they install the flailing arms, angry eyebrows and menacing teeth!
  3. FWIW, the last time I walked by, the Sakowitz garage looked to have only county vehicles in it.
  4. We aim to please. DG may get some flyover footage time during the broadcasts. It's a really visually appealing urban park. Amazing transformation.
  5. A fenced off vacant building we can all celebrate! Congrats Midtown, it's been a long time coming.
  6. The beige Dodge pickup truck that has been there forever is still parked in the garage, but he had a van friend today, so that's progress.
  7. These people trying to give sluts a bad name or something?
  8. Guessing - 1. Reinforced and water sealed concrete boxes. Given enough time and cracks, the roots may find a way through, but presumably it would be going into dry concrete, so less likely than a root migrating trough a pipe or around a foundation on the ground. All of the water and soil is confined to the box. 2. More anchors/tie downs?
  9. I can feel the vapors coming off those pics from the surrounding neighborhood... and they didn't even use the pile drill with the 2-cycle Detroit Diesel engine that sounds like an old bus from the 1960's without a muffler.
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