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  1. ^^^ ok, then fine. maybe, just maybe, the ROCKETMAN will now be able to finally construct the LONG-AWAITED ROD HOTEL/RESIDENCES component that we've all been waiting on. i for one, really do believe that this particular posh component is the entity that shall allow for ROD to continue to thrive and move forward into the future.
  2. ^^^ yes, i duly recall this particular segment via crane last summer. however, i'm inquiring about the next revealing of plans of this prospective development at this time. one can only pray that we are all still alive, instead of somewhere RESTING IN PEACE (RIP)...
  3. ^^^ @hindesky by chance, did crane just happen to mention during the broadcast when they will be finally revealing the RENDERINGS/CONCEPTS of the new and prospective astros downtown development? actually, as i duly recall, these RENDERINGS/CONCEPTS were supposed to be officially revealed last fall of 2023. i wonder just what is the delay? maybe, they were awaiting the new mayoral administration to get into place. who knows? however, i guess that we should all just pray that this prospective development doesn't end up like the long-awaited W HOTEL... you know, like waiting forever and ever... and ever... and ever...
  4. ^^^ brand new YETI YARD at UFCU DISCH-FALK FIELD #1 ^^^ brand new YETI YARD at UFCU DISCH-FALK FIELD #2 ^^^ brand new YETI YARD at UFCU DISCH-FALK FIELD #3
  5. ^^^ new WOMEN'S BEACH VOLLEYBALL under construction #1 ^^^ new WOMEN'S BEACH VOLLEYBALL locker room under construction #2 ^^^ new WOMEN'S BEACH VOLLEYBALL lounge under construction #3
  6. ^^^ upgrades EVERYWHERE at DKR #1 ^^^ upgrades EVERYWHERE at DKR #2 ^^^ upgrades EVERYWHERE at DKR #3
  7. ^^^ new indoor TEXAS LONGHORNS FOOTBALL TRAINING FACILITY (includes two-story underground parking for 500+ spaces) (opens 2026) ^^^ new indoor TEXAS LONGHORNS FOOTBALL TRAINING FACILITY - front entry (opens 2026) ^^^ new football recruitment lounge image #1 ^^^ new football recruitment lounge image #2
  8. ^^^ oh, yes baby, we have been a bit quiet lately. however, that's about to change... BIG TIME, and for the better. the FLAGSHIP public learning institution of the state of texas, THE UNIVERSITY of TEXAS at AUSTIN... is now poised to officially enter into the SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE (SEC) as of JULY 01, 2024 respectively. words alone, could never ever express our overwhelming exuberance of this forthcoming magnificent, sumptuous, and posh achievement. all of the STARS above are now aligning, and i can honestly assure each and every one of you, that we shall be ready at the gate. many SEC entry celebrations are now being planned and forthcoming. everyone is gearing up for new and expanded... EVERYTHING. DKR is currently undergoing renovations and upgrades basically... everywhere. the very long-awaited brand-new renderings and concept of the new TEXAS LONGHORNS INDOOR FOOTBALL TRAINING and OPERATIONS CENTER has been announced. this multi-million dollar facility shall be sooooooo magnificent, that it shall harbor a two-story underground parking annex with enough spaces for (500+) football players, coaches, and related staffers vehicles. TEXAS administration officials are now even contemplating constructing a (5000+seat) MINI MOODY CENTER exclusively for TEXAS women's volleyball. new football recruitment lounges are currently under construction at DKR. a brand spanking new DKR VIDEO BOARD is now forthcoming this summer as well. the new SEC logo shall now be placed upon EVERYTHING moving forward. there is so much being planned and big preparations are now being implemented. LONGHORN NATION is now preparing for everything SEC this coming summer. we have been very quiet... we have been waiting for seemingly decades... we have been planning and preparing it seems like forever. however, as of this forthcoming JULY 01, 2024... THE NEW TEXAS LONGHORNS SEC CHAPTER BEGINS. HOOK'EM!
  9. ^^^ despite the very often repeated dialogue from the "usual suspects" regarding austin's supposedly forthcoming "office glut", this magnificent city is proving to be resilient to downtown construction stoppage during this burgeoning decade. austin, tx, is starting to bloom like a beautiful RED ROSE. this city's momentum seems to know no bounds. forget the naysayers/usual suspects... GO AUSTIN GO!
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RclqsuLXlo ^^^ for those of you HAIFERS that have very often felt as though you are constantly being PUNKED by the MCNAIR INTEREST GROUP... well, it's (FRIDAY) in our fair city of houston, tx, and (SUPER BOWL weekend). therefore, i have decided to invite you to just LET IT FLOW... directly into one of the very smooth grooves of "HERE WE GO AGAIN" by the WORLD RENOWNED ISLEY BROTHERS. just click upon the provided link above... and just lose yourself into a world of LOVE... RHYTHM... and pure SOUL. i mean, it's the very least that i can do... right? i'm tired of being PUNKED by this group. therefore, let's just do this. please enjoy your weekend...
  11. ^^^ ATX... always building... always booming. HOOK'EM!
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