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  1. ^^^ dude, @Houston19514 who cares? all that REALLY matters is we are 100% in LOVE WITH IT!
  2. ^^^ @CREguy13 "this is great news!" dude, the aforementioned post of yours... reads like a DONALD TRUMP (con artist) ecstasy escape. therefore, I shall present to you an... ULTIMATE CHALLENGE. please "copy" your post and head on over to the SKYSCRAPERPAGE.COM open forum. once you have arrived, please direct your MAYOR WHITMIRE "30 years" enthusiasm into the AUSTIN, TX, portion... of this most wonderful forum. carefully "PASTE" your aforementioned post directly into a thread... then proceed forward and wait comfortably for the AUSTIN, TX contingent to carefully read over your post... and then contemplate and craft a response. CAUTION: you may want to ensure that you are donning the proper SPF sunshine/heat/rays protection... because I can honestly assure you that the "sunshine" that you have so eloquently stated has "ended", will now become your... HUCKLEBERRY...
  3. ^^^ OOOOPS! props to you kind HAIFER for reminding me. i shall head back over there and continue "gazing" and dreaming. the sunshine just never ends...
  4. ^^^ geeeeeez, are there any HAIF patrons planning on still being alive in "30 years"... and that includes mayor whitmire? (i mean, just think about it, at the current and very lethargic pace they are on in houston, can you just imagine how very progressive and prosperous the DALLAS and AUSTIN downtown entertainment districts are going to be in "30 years"?) HOUSTON WILL NEVER CATCH UP! also, how much further do they expect to keep "EXPANDING THE GEORGE R. BROWN CC" when there is only so much space (EMPTY BLOCKS) available within that particular downtown district? why don't they DEMOLISH THE CONVENTION CENTER, and reconstruct it in another area of downtown... with much more space? (LIKE DALLAS IS DOING) furthermore, EXPAND THE DISCOVERY GREEN PARK, including the lake... and finally, construct the long-anticipated W HOTEL along with residences... like other large cities have already done years ago. something just seems really off here. downtown houston planners are starting to sound like USED CAR SALESMEN. we have all heard the very same "DOWNTOWN HOUSTON ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT" sales pitch a million times already. yet, we are seemingly always constantly BEHIND OTHER LARGE CITIES... especially, within our very own state. soooooo many queries... and never any real clarity. just come along with the RENDERINGS and CONCEPTS already...
  5. ^^^ my goodness, these prospective additions (phase II) to this dynamic EAST RIVER development seem a bit overly ambitious. let's hope that this comes to fruition... WOW!
  6. ^^^ travis scott and michael rubin(owner of fanatics) visiting the 40 acres today at DKR during spring practice. ^^^ travis scott and michael rubin(owner of fanatics) visiting the 40 acres today at DKR. (donning and showcasing the new TEXAS SEC jerseys) ^^^ travis scott meeting TEXAS players during spring practice at DKR. i am LOVING the new black CACTUS JACK TEXAS hoodie. WOW! ^^^ travis scott donning the new CACTUS JACK TEXAS cap. my gosh... this is a MUST-HAVE. wow! ^^^ travis scott along with TEXAS head coach STEVE SARKISIAN. oh, boy, this new black CACTUS JACK TEXAS cap is pure FIRE. i need to order this right now... holy cow!
  7. ^^^ austin, tx, convention center ($1.6 billion) expansion plans to move forward... https://communityimpact.com/austin/central-austin/city-county/2023/05/22/16b-austin-convention-center-expansion-plans-move-forward/ ^^^ dallas, tx convention center (KAY BAILEY HUTCHINSON CC - $3 billion) expansion plans to move forward... https://www.dmagazine.com/frontburner/2023/02/assessing-dallas-next-convention-center-a-project-worth-billions-that-will-change-downtown/ ... here in Houston, tx, the state's LARGEST city, and the nation's FOURTH LARGEST city...
  8. ^^^ amazing fountains. amazing everything. however, i just cannot wait to see the reveal of the hotel brand. the consistent monotonous suspense is becoming a bit unbearable...
  9. ^^^ gorgeous! isn't it AMAZING what MANKIND can accomplish? WOW!
  10. ^^^ @Highrise Tower props my cool pal, for the OUTSTANDING illustrations posted above. i am LOVING those gorgeous (water-wall seats) in the pedestrian area of TMC/HELIX PARK. what a cool, soothing, and very innovative idea/design. dude, you ROCK!
  11. ^^^ @steve1363 TEXAS doesn't OFFICIALLY enter into to dynamic and magnificent SEC until JULY 01, 2024. HOOK'EM!
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