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  1. Thanks Hindesky for sharing that info. Will be exciting to see. Does this 4-story building replace the original plans we saw for a 13-Floor leasable office building on Parcel 2? I heard from a source the power poles that were just relocated as part of the Alabama reconstruction from Weslayan to Buffalo Speedway, will be removed and the lines buried underground. This was to be at The RO’s expense since they want the complex to look great in every sense, including not having power poles in front of their new buildings. If that turns out to be the case, props to them for the improvement.
  2. Signs of life. I suspect step 1 is to relocate trees within the site prior to breaking any ground for construction? When porta-potties are on site that’s a good sign. There’s a third one outside the frame of this shot. In the bottom of that photo looks like that one tree possibly sustained a lighting strike.
  3. Awesome find Monarch! I loved everything about that article and what the RO will be (which I and most of us have been pronouncing wrong as R, O. Will have to get used to pronouncing it Row). I heard somewhere that we wouldn’t see groundbreaking until the end of the year which I didn’t post because it seemed like we were going to see movement sooner. I like the idea of the single level giant parking garage to feel like a big surface lot, but underground; the prospect of up to 8 restaurants; the range of living from nice to ultra luxurious, along with where they drew their design inspirations. Hope to start seeing tree relocation (glad they are doing this as well) and some massive digging with the next month or so. Also, to the question asked the cost question on that 900-Ton Crane, it’s up to $200,000 per use.
  4. It’s a second and final Cooling Tower being lifted. In order for the building not to have a complete air conditioning outage one cooling tower is replaced at a time while the other is running. That’s the reason it takes two crane lifts.
  5. I’m counting at least 12 permits pulled so far for 3030 Buffalo Speedway (parcel 1), 3070 Buffalo Speedway (all wastewater) and 3425 West Alabama Street (parcel 2). The latter puts it in a different zip code. I also heard that the new utility poles on Alabama that were moved for the COH Alabama restoration will be removed and the lines ran underground, at the RO’s expense. They don’t want a bunch of power lines running in front of their new buildings, which is a big plus. The UK portion of the Alabama Reconstruction could start as early as July, but since these things never start on time it will likely be by the end of the year or first of 2025.
  6. Personally I wasn’t expecting anything around this time of the year during the holidays. Will be eyeing it in January and hopefully after 4-5 years of delays we might see something. Did an open permit search. Looks like Parcel 1 will have a 3030 address while the site as a whole is 3120.
  7. Wish granted for close ups… But as soon as I finish taking pics a guy shows up and starts attaching more renderings. Will edit or add another post later for the new ones unless someone beats me to it (which you’re welcome to, it’s hot outside!) I'm seeing two similar but different buildings so maybe these are the final concepts, or same building from different sides?
  8. Honestly when I saw digging I figured it was more soil testing or utility marking, or other pre-construction site checks. But that they were going to be ongoing. I didn’t figure they would dig holes just to cover them back up and hightail it out of there. Could of just been a dog burying a bone.
  9. They are adding a new section of chain link fence to block off the small parking lot off Buffalo Speedway. Most action I’ve seen on the site in years.
  10. I figured they would build the entire Phase 1 at the same time…. At the very least build the residential and office building using the same crane(s). But we will see. W. Alabama continues to undergo construction which has progressed on the East Bound lanes right by the RO. It will be nicer and more walkable area once done.
  11. Went back to the PC website. The RO is still on there and I don’t recall seeing any of these additional slides before. Good sign.
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