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  1. LA has a population density of around 8,500. The basin is pretty urban by American standards. Koreatown has upwards of 40,000 per square mile.
  2. Reasons why Dallas and DFW have more hotel options include; 1) It is a regional hub for finance and merchandising. If you work in the design field anywhere in the region, you will often have to travel to Dallas for sources and the large Merchandising Market trade shows. I've been at least a dozen times when I owned a retail store. When I renovated my Houston house, I also had to travel to Dallas overnight for showroom visits to places like Waterworks that don't (at least didn't) exist in Houston. 2) It takes advantage of a more central location and the huge airport to land large conventions. 3) It takes advantage of its location to host lots of large scale sporting events including 4 bowl games, 3 NCAA conference tournament championships, PGA events, etc... 4) It is less international and filled with a lot more folks from nearby places meaning it gets more frequent "friends and family" visitors. 5) It is a regional entertainment draw with things like a large amusement park that we lack. 6) It's an educational hub with two schools with lots of out of state students (SMU and TCU) and several large public universities in the region (UT-D, UT-Arlington, North Texas) Lastly, Dallas has a reputation for glitz and glamor that Houston lacks. It makes it a safer choice for brands to test the Texas market. We've always taken a back seat and the rise of Austin isn't helping. That said, Houston is improving in so many ways. For too many years we were simply ok with being a place people came to make money but didn't plan on sticking around. But the last two decades have seen massive improvements with quality of life issues that have made Houston so much better. The continued growth of the TMC, stealing away XOM, the planned growth for Rice, and UH's improving standing will all help. Additionally, word is out that Houston is an incredible place for food and art. I've met a growing number of people who have visited specifically for the Menil and restaurants. We should play that up hard.
  3. Dallas has several brands we currently do not have including Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont, W, Rosewood, Kimpton, and Virgin.
  4. He'd be insane to not build residential immediately. That gives me pause. The last thing we need is another Green Street. I cannot believe those morons nixed the residential component and went with an boutique office building instead.
  5. The height mystery seems solved. This looks like 26 residential floors over at least 10 floors of garage space. This is much closer to a 40 story tower than a 30.
  6. The real crime is the surface parking lot taking up a fourth of the lot. Yuck.
  7. There's a Lexington Street in Upper Kirby/Montrose that runs from Chew Park/Dunlavy to Greenbrier. But it's adjacent to the feeder but I guess that's similar to their projects in "Westcreek" (Galleria east of the Loop).
  8. Are we getting a spire or anything with a non-flat roof? Recent 30 story residential buildings are usually around 350-400 feet.
  9. These are great but I especially love the MFA with downtown in the distance. Wowzers.
  10. My Mom lives close by. She has home health care now so cannot host me and there's a need for some new hotel blood in the area. I've chosen the Med Center for the most part because of the better/newer options. Greenway options are a bit stale and you'd think with the growth of Upper Kirby and proximity to Greenway, Rice, Uptown, Museums, River Oaks, Montrose, that the right brand could pull a nice combo of business and leisure travel.
  11. The LA Times has a really cool map of LA County density broken up by neighborhood and all the various cities and towns in the County. Koreatown, about two miles South of me, has over 42,000 per square mile. My hood, Los Feliz, is around 13,500.
  12. Tower 5040 is a private development. It's apartments geared towards students. I'm still thinking this is a possible Moody Towers replacement because it speaks of beds (dorms) rather than apartments.
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