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Sovereign At The Ballpark: Multifamily At 100 Crawford St.


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5 hours ago, mfastx said:

Can we confirm that this is still under active construction? It looks like it's been abandoned for awhile. 

I've joked about it plenty on this thread, but it has pretty much always looked abandoned.  There is a bank of empty electric meter housings (for some or all of the individual units) in the parking garage that you can see from Jackson St. after you come off of the 59 southbound exit ramp into DT.  If they ever get meters installed into them, I'll let y'all know. 

However someone managed to tie up as much money as they have in this thing and not find more to get it up and flowing cash sooner has to be an interesting story.  Add to that the original foundation build and abandonment, and there's something really odd going on here. 

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