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  1. I like the brick natural color. If that stays I’d be thrilled. Though, painted brick is still better than stucco.
  2. what does clearing the fence mean? Removing an old fence? or cleaning it up? Is it prep for construction?
  3. Seemed like some of the property was going to be townhomes. Still the case?
  4. Wow not only is this plan an insult to the academic prowess and reputation of the university, it is a lazy excuse of modernization! what would have been great is if Rice didn’t hire a NY firm to do the landscaping, but hire something super local and aware of the prestige associated with RU. does rice have a bunch of money they are wasting? What is honestly wrong with the timeless formality of what they have in the MAIN QUAD! Is it not a testament to the great design of 1920 that many of us in the business of design prefer the original!? God this is awful.
  5. If you google "Third Coast Restaurant" it is linked to Wolfgang Puck III. If Third Coast Restaurant isn't the same as Third Coast Seafood - then there may be some legal challenges Why are you certain it is not related?
  6. Looks like this is it... https://iiibywolfgangpuck.com/ If this is the correct restaurant, it looks like it should be fairly nice!
  7. oh joy. they did such a good job with the gas station, i'm sure this will be a knock out! jpdslkj
  8. Saw big trucks, rebar, and cones blocking off a lane on silver at Washington yesterday. love Catalina…
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