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  1. The white tile on those curved parts has been redone at least three times now. Cant seem to get it right.
  2. This development had studios for $2,200 a month and 1 bed 1 baths for $3,300. A $100 a person place is a regular hangout for people like that.
  3. These is so much potential in that area. Tons of empty or underdeveloped land.
  4. Their zoning pretty much restricts high rises to downtown only where Houston’s doesn’t have that issues. Market forces there for keep ours shorter and theirs taller.
  5. We need like 200 of these developments in the city. What a great use of a small lot.
  6. I love how the Kroger and shopping center got demoed so we could have two gigantic abandoned lots in a prime area of town👍 The Houston way!
  7. No surprise at all. Dallas is way more attractive to national and international audiences than Houston even though the cities are extremely similar. Dallas some how doesn't have a lot of the same bad stereotypes that Houston does even though Dallas is just as hot, humid and ugly. The state government also seems to be more friendly to Dallas compared to their open hostility toward Houston.
  8. This is quickly becoming one of the densest areas in town with lots of plots to add more housing still available.
  9. Looks like 1/3 to half the trees are already dead :( The project looks really nice though. If the second building is supposed to be derived in Q3 of 2025 it should start soon then, no?
  10. Yes, it happens pretty much every year. Their construction time lines are woefully inadequate.
  11. The actual apartments and presumably some amenity space will be built in the area which is now dirt. They appear to be working on just the parking garage at this point.
  12. Go look at more rural water ways in the region. Armand Bayou, Buffalo Camp Bayou, they aren’t clear but would definitely be a representation of what Buffalo Bayou would look like. Also, I just made a comment about water clarity in the bayou… no need to feel like I personally attacked you .
  13. Before development the bayou was clearer, not crystal clear mind you. Human development is what has turned it an opaque brown.
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