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  1. A recent article concerning condos https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/commercial-real-estate/high-prices-meet-high-demand-in-houston-the-most-interesting-condo-market-in-the-country-124306
  2. I believe the goal of this development is to be a high-end mixed-use development. They are catering to the River Oaks crowd, not the crowd that would make up the average "synergistic high traffic urban center". The casual dining options you are seeking aren't willing to pay to lease out these spaces. The type of urban center you are seeking will most likely take place on the east side of downtown. Places like East River and East Blocks.
  3. Why would The Ion and Greentown Labs have a single leadership team? Aren't they two separate entities that are tenants of The Ion District? What do most early-stage companies need that The Ion does not deliver?
  4. What a blow to the ground floor retail enthusiast. The closure of such a high-profile well-known store. I'm sure this will affect other chain store's thoughts on expansion in the midtown area. What is going on with midtown. First 24-hour Fitness, then CVS, now Whole Foods.
  5. With all the available open land and one-story buildings in the area I would hate for them to demolish those three towers. Just seems like it would be going backwards. Develop all the undeveloped and underdeveloped properties first.
  6. Given the location of the piece of land (the backside of a Kroger grocery store) a cookie cutter hotel as you call it is a win.
  7. Did not stop the office space at Montrose Collective, MKT Heights, East River, or Discovery West.
  8. Pretty sure they meant master planned community and left out planned . . . However, that is just an assumption based on the context clues.
  9. Sounds like this may not be moving forward. 367 acres is a big chunk of the 500+ acres that was planned to be the bioport. "Backed out" does not sound like a term that would be used if the seller and TMC/co-developer could not agree on terms. Sounds more like the TMC and co-developer have changed their minds in regard to the development itself.
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