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  2. Final proposal from CoH is out. Construction to happen summer 2021. https://houstonbikeplan.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Patterson-Street-Bikeway-011421.pdf The highlight is that Washington will not allow turns across traffic onto Patterson from either direction:
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  5. I thought it was customary in "groundbreakings" to have several well dressed people holding shovels who look as if they haven't actually used a shovel for work in years ( if not decades). When did that happen?
  6. If I had to guess I don't think it'll happen as proposed and if it were to break ground with or without modification it would be in ~5 years
  7. like the montrose art festival days!!! miss that soooooooooooooooooo much! 😭
  8. They've been burying a ton of stuff lately, but I am unsure if they are will be burying the power lines. I was talking to one of the Centerpoint guys out there, he said they were out there to bury the transformer, and that Centerpoint will be doing other work in the area, which included replacing polies and cleaning up wiring. Which is why there are centerpoint poles sitting in the ditches all around the site.
  9. Oh it was fantastic as a pedestrian. I was walking in the middle of the street between Crocker and Stanford just for fun. Can they do that every weekend?
  10. The residential component (58-story tower) was always proposed to be constructed after the medical office building finished. I suspect Mann Eye’s present building would need to be demolished so it could be used as a staging area for the parcel to the north. I think we’d be looking at 2023 as the earliest possible date for groundbreaking *if* the tower could get financing.
  11. Road milling machines currently filling up dump trucks on the west side of William C Harvin Blvd.
  12. Groundbreaking is underway at this time :) Road milling machines are chewing up the surface parking lot behind the MD Anderson 1MC building.
  13. I was in kindergarten when this thread started and now I'm in an old folks home.
  14. This particular lot is very low lying relative to the land around it. Based on the permit, they look to be raising it up a bit and leveling it off. Bayou Vista currently owns the land, and has since 2014. They were active a decade or more ago in developing the East End, but their current holdings (those listed in their name, at least) are limited to this lot. Not sure if the 400 Jensen development was going to be a joint development between Bayou Vista and Marquette, or if there was a planned transfer that fell through. 12.3 Buffalo Bayou LP is an entity connected to Richard Weekley
  15. Great news for the neighborhood cant wait to see them fully opened.
  16. I went to Half Price this weekend...they are almost cleared out of all merch except lots of vinyl and dvds. the guy at the door (my buddy bucky was off) said that they have not been able to find a new location but are hopeful to find one this year... he said that they just have in their mind what they want to pay and are able to afford and haven't found that as of yet...
  17. i wondered if anything was going to ever become of this "mystery" plaza... it has been what i thought to be empty for quite a long time
  18. with all this new development happening on lower westheimer i guess it is just a matter of time...maybe this will be the year................ thanks for the update!
  19. Yeah it was craziness to see lower Westheimer closed those few block all weekend...absolutely no one knew what to do haha! Lots of cars filled with puzzled people at the traffic lights 🤪
  20. Here’s another schematic I found. https://ftp.txdot.gov/pub/txdot-info/hou/sh288_toll_lanes/project_documents/schematic_plans/initial/sh288-initial-sheet-11.pdf
  21. Most people who move to condos don't do it for the money. It's not whether it's more or less than your SF residence was, it's "condo life". As someone who made the house>condo move a couple years ago, I can tell you from talking to my fellow residents, there is not one single person who factored money into the equation. It's the lock & leave lifestyle, it's security concerns, it's having packages accepted for you 24/7, it's not having to worry about the roof or the A/C or the yard or the pool or floods... or anything. Maybe at some price point, or in some parts of the country,
  22. I'm so happy to see these construction pictures. I was still in high school when this thread started.
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