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  1. But can you really do all your grocery shopping at Trader Joes? I haven't been to the Houston store yet, but from what I remember in Lake Tahoe (my only TJs experience) it was more convenience foods and dry goods, but not meat, produce and basics.
  2. I know this happened on 10 1/2. It was an African American couple parked on the street. The wife was walking up to Davis Hardware to get her check and her husband was parked under a tree. A woman came out of her house, pointed a shot gun at him, and yelled a bunch of racist epithets and threats.
  3. Speaking of beer drinking, the owner of Down House is opening a beer spot on Cavalcade, right near th epost office. This isn't far from where TownIn City brewery will be, either. Excited for more options east of Studewood.
  4. Ugh. I hate those. Not in a "because they're townhomes/patiohomes/whateverwhocares homes" kind of way. I just think they are cheap looking and ugly. There are much better looking townhomes, including ones built by this same company, all over the Heights. These, to me, are a design fail.
  5. Actually there is a name for this style. They call them "patio homes" which look like townhomes but don't share a wall.
  6. Ruggles is moving really fast on the 11th St location. There were workers there all day on Thanksgiving and I have yet to see them take a day off.
  7. TXDot is not expanding 45 between Cavalcade and I10, so that isn't a concern. All widening will take place north of Cavalcade and what happens there will be mostly to do with the exchage where 45/610/Hardy meet. That thing is going to be the biggest spaghetti monster in town when it's done!
  8. I live right by there and have yet to see a stitch of work so it's not going to be too soon.
  9. I didn't read all the posts to see if someone stood up for Hamilton but of the two Heights MSs, it's by far the better one. I don't have a child there but know several people whose kids did/do attend. Hamilton is either a magnet or Vanguard, can't remember which one, and these days is rumored to be very hard to get in to due to the demand. It's definitely better than Hogg, although Hogg is making some wonderful changes for the better. Another option to look at is Frank Black, which was awarded a $multi-million grant of some sort and is supposed to be really gaining traction. Here is a note that came from the school some time last year LOTS of Heights families have kids at Wilson (in Montrose) but that is Montessori, which may not be your bag. Still, another school worth checking out.
  10. Downhouse does it far more often than most dry restaurants. The whole restaurant row north of Dallas was dry and they never asked for my membership info there. I find it's hit or miss at any places with Club liscences. This doesn't make it right to not ask, but I guess a busy server/bartender might let a few slide in hopes none are TABC. Downhouse has recently started giving out a laminated card so that once you swipe your DL once and become a member, all you have to do is show the card to the server on any future visits.
  11. Torchy's is inked. This is a 2nd tenant on the left side of the building. Deal not yet completed so leasing agent isn't giving details. I have a message in to the property owner to try and get more info.
  12. There are a lot of theories going around about it. Who knows. They were doing this from the get-go. You could refresh your window and they'd have 10+ new votes. For better or worse, there are no posted "rules" for this contest. A group of local families has decided to try and fundraise outside of the contest for Heights library but city bureaucracy is not making it easy. I'll update the forum if anything moves forward.
  13. I heard (not from a notable source, just from someone who lives on Nicholson) that the lame offices bought the lot across the street and are going to use it for parking.
  14. 30% voter turn out for our mayoral election = apathy I am not asking anyone to help me.
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