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  1. Thought I would share this from the Chroncile back in 2011 as the rationale for all the new feeder roads and interstate access. I didn't witness it, but on the radio I heard I-10 was closed at Taylor and traffic was being diverted to Washington and Heights. http://www.chron.com/news/article/Project-to-slow-I-10-flooding-1690975.php
  2. Both the walmart light and the Target light are 1/10 a mile from the I-10 lights (according to google maps). The Center street light is 300 ft from the Washington light on Yale. Perhaps the second one is too old to qualify, but the first ones are pretty new.
  3. wow. Do you see they propose another stoplight on studemont on this. the kroger light and the I-10 are bad enough, there should be a law against how many traffic lights you can put so close together.
  4. I have to disagree. The whole park would not be there if it weren't for people contributing their time, money and talents. Evidently Mr. Carr went beyond most people I know in building the train. Since we had kids Donovan park has been a true treasure and I hate to think that insurance and approval processes will trump such a kind thing. I think HHA should approach more people that are using their services to contribute, not less. They could have a table set up on any Saturday and bring in a killing. There was obviously a strained relationship before the train.
  5. That is strange considering how much parking garage they built.
  6. Just noticed yesterday that the car wash at 11th 1/2 and studemont is closed and surrounded in orange construction tape. The vaccums have been removed. This is right next to the big multistory 1111 Studemont.
  7. Your statement is complete nonsense. Here are the stats for those not participating in the workforce. The bulk of these people choose not to work because they are retired (the stats provided will show that more than half of these people are 55+), stay at home moms (stats are also dominated by women), or perhpas idle rich, but the number who fit the category you describe i less than 1% of the population, and completely irrelevant. http://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat35.htm Additionally, participation in the labor force is the highest it has been since 1978. http://www.bls.gov/web/empsit/cpseea01.htm
  8. An original Seinfeld hasn't aired in 15 years and is completely irrelevant. Not sure what hip hop you listen to but they usually celebrate hustling and making money.
  9. Wow. The above link literally blames Seinfeld. I suspect you didn't read the whole thing.
  10. You do realize that your decision to reinvest your money in your own business or someone elses has nothing to do with your take home pay. Whatever you invest can be recovered for taxes either when it is spent or disposed of. Additionally, these investments usually have an economic life greater than the recovery period for tax (especially for small businesses). So they are actually helping you out here. The whole k-1 issue is another tax advantage. You could be a corp and have them pay tax and then you pay tax as well. Finally, you could be actually investing money accumulated in these prior years faster than you are earning and generate k-1 losses in which case you could possibly get refunds from prior years. Perhaps a scenario where you recieve $200k in cash, and -$200k in taxable income. It is pretty clear what the tax rates are. The top tax rate has hovered between 35-39% over the past 20 years or so any claim of your countrymen taking 2/3 your income should be called out.
  11. This makes no sense. The top tax rate is around 35% and SE taxes phase out around 100k. How does "take home" get to 35%? The allusion to capital improvements,etc... are all immediately recoverable for tax so it would reduce your taxable income immediately.
  12. I couldn't agree with you more. Also note Kroger (another one who got an un-needed 360) has yet to build the street they said they would. I was hoping to use it to avoid the crazy street light that stops all of studemont for often no reason at all. Also, the west side of studemont has no sidewalks but only wheelchair ramps to lead you to the grass. Additionally, the turn signal going north on studemont leads to a complete dead end. it is perhaps the only signal U-turn in the city.
  13. you beat me to posting it. These would ranking high on the worst apartments of the greater heights area.
  14. Thanks for this post. It is really hard to see the issue here. Easy remedies and plenty of room. Strangely, you can see two homeowners parking on the sidewalk in your third picture. Also, note that there is nothing open on white oak west of oxford past say 8pm at night. I could see if you lived next woodrows or onion creek, but I am stil puzzled why this project would be so difficult to permit.
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