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  1. Unless the townhomes in question are fairly old, there are likely deed restrictions on commercial use.
  2. Drive up Ranchester north of Bellaire Blvd. Lately I've been seeing carts and impromptu grills set up to serve street food there.
  3. You're not a Texan if you can't enjoy a good brisket. Not all of us can cook, much less cook a good brisket, but those who can are top notch Texans.
  4. Anybody here living in Fulshear and complaining about mass transit? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  5. Drive thru and get some for lunch and then back to the office or get some on the way home. Either way you're golden...unless you're wearing white.
  6. Best to move the big employment centers to the outskirts of town. Closer to cheaper land/houses and would mitigate the in/out rush hours each day. Make the loop a primarily residential/entertainment area.
  7. I think you are confusing suburban with rural. A trip to a local grocery store is hardly an arduous drive unless you view all driving as arduous. Since the Heights is a suburban development, it's natural that residents there are going to buy bulk items that can't be carried on a bike or on public transport. Perhaps you are confusing the Heights with a truly urbanized, multistory residential district like those that exist in some spots here and in some other cities around the world.
  8. Agreed. I prefer the current paint scheme, though I favor the darker blue of the current design. Either one is better than Trump's plan.
  9. There's all kinds of crazy on various social media platforms. The one I heard about Amarillo was that the fires were started by some sort of "high energy" weapon fired from space and that the same thing was used in the Maui fires. Then you've got the folks who think that the red states are about to start a civil war with the blue states, those who think what happened on Jan 6 was a serious insurrection, people who believe that climate change is going to end the world in 12 years (actually 7 years now since AOC predicted it in 2019), and, of course, those who think Trump is actually a nazi and a serious existential threat to American democracy. Expect more of the above at least through November (though probably much, much longer).
  10. That's ok...he might have use of this one for four years...
  11. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2024-03-08/biden-predicts-come-to-jesus-meeting-with-netanyahu-over-gaza-aid Dem's really, really need to work on this anti-semitism thing they've got going on. Not a good look.
  12. Then where will the kids who think their Kia's are formula 1 racers go?
  13. Got this when I went to the whitehouse.gov site this morning...
  14. That's ok...Joe forgets things, too. Interesting that you would find that acceptable, though.
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