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  1. It's been deposited over millions of years by the ebb and flow of the ocean over this part of the continent. Wherever you are in Houston has been deep underwater at some point (most likely many times).
  2. More joke than nightmare, but also very unrealistic. The Dems had the most diverse set of candidates in history for 2020 and chose the old white guy. Would be fun to see, though. Neither of them are likely to forget who Hamas is or confuse Mexico with Egypt.
  3. I predict we'll all need bigger popcorn bowls for the antics to come.
  4. What would market based parking look like in front of someone's home?
  5. If they rezone you, talk to the district admin. We had that happen when my oldest was in kindergarten and they grandfathered us in as long as we didn't need bus service (which we didn't).
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong here but this is an expansion of existing roadways, is it not? Something that happens along all freeway corridors at some point? They aren't tearing up existing neighborhoods to create brand new roadways like was done when the highway system was established in the 50's. The Katy Freeway expansion project tore things up for years and, get this, runs through some of the wealthiest zip codes in town. Could the difference be that this one affects east-enders more?
  7. When it comes to rodeo cookies, this one is still the champ both on the tasty and the really, really bad for you levels. 😜
  8. Google maps shows Bissonnet as West University's northern border so height shouldn't be an issue. Could it be the asking price is prohibitive?
  9. I do the same thing. 😜 Somehow my number got on Beto's call list back when he ran for Senate. I've had a ball ever since trolling whoever spams me. It's a guilty pleasure.
  10. If she drives to New Mexico, or elsewhere, and has the abortion then she risks losing standing in the case. The Texas Supreme Court already has a similar case in front of it and the state is arguing against the plaintiffs standing as their pregnancies have already ended one way or the other. Interestingly, Paxton has already appealed this case to the Texas Supreme Court and asked them to expedite it. Perhaps he's overplaying his hand or he thinks her standing won't matter. Either the court is going to have to clarify what constitutes exceptions to the law.
  11. It's a good project to do, but "overwhelming" is a bit of a reach. I've walked it to and from Uptown Park and the Eastern Glades and crossing the access roads on 610 isn't that big of a deal.
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