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Condominiums At 103 North Jackson St.


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Hard to tell but it looks like the ground floor is parking garage. I'm curious if the project will try to qualify for the Downtown Living Initiative subsidies. 

It certainly looks like 2 floors of parking. I mean, The only place the could fit anything other than parking would be on Ruiz. Which is where I assume the garage entrance, leasing office, and street entrance would be.

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Kinkaid alum

We lived in the wagon works/PPG building during that storm and believe it or not the parking lot never had any water in it.

I walked over to check on the bayou because I was really worried about the car. Nothing.

We were on the top floor and the flat roof became a storage tank and water came pouring down out brick wall.

We were asleep, and didn't know it was coming in until our neighbor below came up to complain about water leaking through to his. Obviously it was quite a surprise. Concrete floors and we mopped up water for quite a while. The bayou did not leave its bank in that spot miraculously.

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Surge Homes is the same group with the "controversial" condos/townhomes going up near the Heights bike trail


They are apparently the same builder (Inner Loop Condos) that did condos in Midtown and River Oaks.


Swamplot says the sign's down after having gone up. Apparently the placement is being modified to make the sign less of an issue.

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@UtterlyUrban, yes this is a real project. 

@Howard Huge, yes this site is the old Loomis armored truck facility.

@j_cuevas713.  A start date has not been announced yet.  We are still accessing the interest level on our website, www.surgehomes.com

@toxtehogrady.  Our sign was mistakenly placed in the right of way of the Heights bike trail and we removed it as soon as we were alerted of this mistake.  



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