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  1. More updates in the Colony Ridge saga. DOJ is now investigating the developer for fraud and "Uncle Slaton" financing... Feds Sue Houston-Area Developer For Alleged Mortgage Lending Scam Targeting Spanish Speakers "In the first predatory mortgage lending case ever brought by the U.S. Department of Justice, a Houston-area subdivision developer is accused of misleading tens of thousands of mainly Latino borrowers into taking out loans they could not afford to buy barely livable properties, then profiting from their foreclosures. Colony Ridge Development LLC is accused of operating a “one-stop shop for discriminatory lending,” violating the Fair Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act, according to a DOJ press release. The lawsuit was filed by the DOJ and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau..."
  2. Seems like Prairie View's gotten more love recently. But the aerospace program is getting some new digs...
  3. That's a lot of drainage effort for a parking lot. And this is one of the only new projects on the boards in 2023...
  4. I'm not actually sure, but that car bumper in the middle of the street is an instant classic😎
  5. Looks like GooglEarth has some recent images on it that appear to date to November 2023. The city continues chewing up rural real estate at an astounding pace. New Waverly is the new Willis, and there are new warehouses galore out between Katy and Brookshire.
  6. Until there is a turnaround in office leasing, there will probably not be any supertalls anywhere in the country outside of New York or Miami. If Houston were a place where supertall residential or mixed-use highrises were occurring, it would be more likely, but right now the limit seems to be around 600 feet.
  7. And this thing just made the news. Fraud and racketeering... Houston Real Estate CEO, Lawyer Named In $15M Fraud, Racketeering Suit Man, this thing could be in Gaza City...
  8. And they're back in the news. Seems the State of Texas has problems with it... Colonia Ridge
  9. The area around NRG suffers from the idea that there's nothing out there - hotels, restaurants, entertainment (other than the obvious). And to be competitive, the stadium needs another 10,000 seats and maybe a few more suites. Minute Maid Park, while small, is right Downtown, not far from Discovery Green, and has nightlife. There are even residential developments nearby. And the team is a winner...
  10. I noticed Houston is continuing to chew up all kinds of real estate north and west of the metro. Many developments that were not on the 2022 photos...
  11. There is this. I'm not sure it's the same thing or yet another tower... Southern Land Co. To Develop 2-Acre Mixed-Use Project In Upper Kirby
  12. It's a pity that's still just vivid imagination. That would probably be taller than anything else along Buffalo Bayou west of Downtown...
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