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  1. Ha ok fair. To me she's just an inherent part of an architectural rendering at this point. I'd be confused and scared if she *wasn't* there.
  2. ? Looks like pretty standard architect's copy to me... maybe even a bit more thought through and site specific than normal.
  3. No, the problem is the archdiocese. This garbage is 100% in line with their other projects.
  4. Permit procurement is not difficult in Houston compared to peer cities in other parts of the country. Not to say it couldn't or shouldn't be better, but pulling permits is an issue in *every* big city and Houston is absolutely faster than most.
  5. More units under 500sf is a good thing. They don't work for everyone, but 350-500 sf is sometimes exactly the right size (depending on where you are in your life) and will help with affordability.
  6. It more than insinuates it. Pretty clearly they're taking two spaces for the patio. Good trade.
  7. This building has a good 25' to the curb, which is plenty of space for a patio area and a sidewalk. That's not to say the rendering isn't bad. The building's proportions are wrong, and the street itself looks weird, but there is absolutely space for the patio shown in the rendering.
  8. Interesting to compare Norhill's deed restrictions to the limitations applied by the historic district. The historic district really just regulates scale and exterior materials, so garage apartments and 2 story multi unit buildings are no problem. Especially since both were built in the neighborhoods during the historic period. The deed restrictions actually limit you to one unit per lot though, so they block any kind of small-scale densification, even garage apartments.
  9. The Norhill area? A lot of that is already historic districts and/or deed restricted.
  10. what a welcoming gate. who wouldn't look at that and think "these people want me to be here".
  11. Huh. Strong Enron vibes. Fits in with Greenway but wouldn't be my first choice for the site.
  12. I worked at a (different) Whole Foods for two years, and I can promise you that the idea that only rich people shop there is nonsense. Its reputation for being expensive has also always been overblown- it has expensive items but it's (mostly) not overpriced and their house brand stuff is really good. That said, it's gone downhill quite a bit since the Amazon buyout. But if you want a store that really is overpriced, I'd argue for Randall's personally.
  13. Why would you argue with someone who literally chose the name "MaxConcrete"? That's, at best, not someone you're going to convince.
  14. Yes, good point. Apartment dwellers rarely buy groceries.
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