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Pearl Marketplace At Midtown: Multifamily At 3120 Smith St.


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Looks like a small tweak to the rendering.


EDIT: the picture the article is using appears to actually be a render several revs ago...  


The next step in developing the property comes Thursday, when the planning commission will consider variances to city rules allowing the building to sit closer to Brazos, Smith and Elgin than normally allowed.

Variances are common in Midtown, where management district and city officials focus on adding pedestrian access rather than parking.

“Constructing the buildings close to the street is seen to be a major factor in creating a pedestrian-friendly streetscape – one which makes pedestrians feel safe and welcome and which is interesting and pleasant to walk along,” Vernon G. Henry & Associates, Inc., said in its application on behalf of the property owners. “When urban buildings are set back from the sidewalk, the area between the sidewalk and the street usually gets fenced and becomes a ‘no-man’s land,’ keeping pedestrians out and building occupants in. This is usually felt to be an unfriendly environment which discourages walking and encourages everyone to drive from one location to the next.”



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I suggest that everyone who has an interest in this development going forward take the time to send the Planning commission a short nice intelligent request for this variance to be allowed. Remember you catch more flies with honey.

In my request I also suggested that they think about requiring more GFR in these types of areas especially downtown where they are needed to help create a sense of place and a livable public realm. 

Here is the email address and they don't vote on this until Thursday, so the more people who support this type of growth please use your voice and make it happen. Tell your friends who also want this type of growth. It helps the commission understand the mood of the citizens. I'm sure your support is appreciated. Its a much more positive way to make your voice heard in the right arena than just blowing smoke on Haif, which I love to do myself.



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The latest Planning Commission Agenda approved the Variance Request for this so this should be moving forward soon!


The site is located north of Elgin Street, east of Brazos Street and west of Smith Street. The applicant requests three variances: 1. to allow 0' building line along Smith and Brazos Street, and allow 2' building line along Elgin Street; 2. to not provide a visibility triangle at the corner of Elgin and Brazos Street; 3. to allow a canopy to encroach into the visibility triangle at the corner of Elgin and Smith Street at the height of 10'. This application has been deferred twice. During the deferrals, the applicant has worked closely with staff and other agencies to address all the concerns and improve the design on the site. Staff supports all the requested variances.


The site is located in mid-town. The applicant proposes a mixed use development with a grocery store at the ground level and apartments on four floors above on the subject site. Garage parking for grocery shoppers will be below the grocery store and parking for residents will be in the garage floors between the grocery store and the apartment floors.To accommodate both the need of the grocery store and apartment use and provide a pedestrian friendly streetscape, the applicant requests a variance to allow 0' building line along Smith and Brazos and 2' building line along Elgin. With the proposed reduced building lines, the distance between the back of curb and the proposed building along Smith, Elgin and Brazos would be about 15', 20', 16' respectively. The applicant will provide a pedestrian realm with enhanced paving materials, minimum 6' unobstructed sidewalk, and 4" caliper street trees along the three streets. According to our previous study, 15' wide pedestrian realm generally will allow sufficient room to accommodate pedestrian friendly improvement. The proposed reduced building line will allow such pedestrian improvements.


The applicant also request a variance to not provide a visibility triangle at the corner of Elgin and Brazos.Brazos Street is a 80' wide one way street with traffic flow to the north. City of Houston and Midtown Management District are working on a project to accommodate a two-way bicycle track along the east boundary of Brazos. According to the sight distance analysis provided by the applicant, with the pedestrian realms on both streets, the proposed building with no visibility triangle at the corner of Elgin and Brazos would not create visibility concerns at this location. City Engineer's Office poses no objection to the requested variance.


In addition, the applicant requests a variance to allow a canopy over the grocery store entrance to encroach into the visibility triangle at the corner of Smith and Elgin at 10' height, instead of the required 20' height. The purpose of the canopy is to provide a shaded area for the grocery shoppers. Granting the requested variance will not threat public safety.


In summary, considering the nature of the development, the development characteristics of the adjacent area and the existing conditions adjacent to the site, staff recommends granting all the three requested variances and approving the plat subject to CPC 101 Form conditions


Didn't know of this bicycle path; is there a thread for this?

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Does anyone know the proposed timing on ground breaking? I thought closing Rosalie was a sign this thing was going to kick off - the comment above scares me about no financing - certainly our great COH wouldn't shut down the street and majorly move the power lines for a project not locked in?

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