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Aspire Post Oak: Multifamily High-Rise At 1616 Post Oak Blvd.


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I like how the three sections vary slightly in height from each other.


Gensler was inspired by the three tiered combo of The Wilshire, Skyhouse and Arabella across 610 :)


Way to go with the design sleuthing as always.  Didn't even take 24 hours to go from hearsay to HAIF.

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I love it. Love that'll be all glass and that there will be retail in the base. 


That said, I avoid Uptown as much as possible because of the traffic and I cannot imagine how much worse it's going to get when people start living/working in this, the Astoria, the Post Oak, Amegy Tower, Belfiore, and Five Post Oak. 

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What do they have against it?  It is beautiful.


The view from the south side units is really breathtaking and will be blocked. They'll be taking a pretty big financial hit when this building goes up. There are a dozen units for sale that have been on the market for a long time that aren't selling, and won't unless they steeply discount them or get a really dumb buyer. Depending on the placement of 1660, the southeast units may not have as much of a blocked view, but you're still going to have people looking directly in your window. 

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