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  1. What an interesting map. Thank you. Are you in Hunt for the storm?
  2. Like this? https://kcsouthloopproject.org/ KC never has moved very quickly, but when they do, they generally do it nice.
  3. Agree Gene. Remember ‘Cities’, the home and gift store next to Dietrich? That was an awesome place to shop. I still have some furniture and decorative items from there.
  4. You mean, aside from a healthier ecosystem and storm surge protection, as well as economic and employment bumps from the harvest? How about adding to a local source for delicious gulf oysters.
  5. This unusual project has grown on me. Paired with The Laura across the street, it gives a great dense feel when crossing the Jensen St Bridge. Very unique. Also, the central office/amenity building gives off a pretty cool, mcm vibe.
  6. Are you suggesting that the City uses the limited funds it has, to buy, restore, furnish and house our Mayor? Umm... Count me out. Not really Houston's style. I do sincerely hope that the mansion is preserved and repurposed. But, can you imagine how many miles of quality sidewalks could be built for that kind of money?
  7. My Aunt used to refer to Ouisie's Table as "River Oaks Chef's day off." Back then, it was that sort of crowd.
  8. I'll be up the road in Ingram, at my mother's, for totality.
  9. You’re right Hi. The rendering is Looking West, not East as it says. midway announced months ago the a garage structure would be built on the plot where PoH will have their dedicated structure. There is an additional rendering of the PoH building, on the fence which surrounds the building site. Couldn’t get a picture, when I was driving by, or I’d be posting it.
  10. Folks go the Navigation and are willing to pay-up so they can go to Ninfa's. They don't go to Navigation to look for a place to spend a lot of money for a meal. Hope Jonathan's does great...but, I have my doubts. I just don't think that the demand is there yet.
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