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My question is if they do go with the continuation of the below ground 59/69 how do they go under the rail lines without causing timely delays for the rail during this construction.

I can't imagine how they will structurally support the rail lines and trains, while digging underneath.

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12 hours ago, H-Town Man said:


So... they're making it shorter? Or perhaps will build a different structure on top.


I was wondering this too, once I realized they weren’t just punching holes for windows, but starting to chip away the roof of that portion. Had to revert back to the renderings.. looks like that floor will be removed, for a flat roof across the whole building.

Could have been a cool indoor/outdoor type rooftop terrace.

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On 9/29/2019 at 4:24 PM, hindesky said:

Why not just start from ground zero? Seems like they're tearing everything down, what's going to be left of the old building?



I thought the same with the Grigg's Boat Store in Montrose. They gutted the hell out of it, but then completely transformed it back to what it would have looked like before Grigg's. That's the same thing here. Sears stripped this building down so much that the original shell is the only thing worthy of saving. Use it as a base frame, and then bring back the ornament on top of that.

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The photos are all taken from the southern view. If you view from the east west or north you realize they have saved the most modern aspects of the building. I would also imagine that hideous brick will with get taken down or covered.

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11 hours ago, ekdrm2d1 said:







Looks like their plan will be to rebuild / recreate a large part of this building.


Interesting... as it not technically 'preservation'. But the gist of the original building will remain....

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