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15 hours ago, j_cuevas713 said:

Wow who are they kidding with that bs? Now don't get me wrong, this will still be great because it is more of a dedicated entrance but damn. Hopefully as foot traffic increases and Brookfield gets their head out of their ass, they could always upgrade the rest. 

I mean I do think the interior renovation still looks significan and it seems to open it up a lot more in their defence? I woudn't exaclty call it a light cosmetic renovation 

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Is this rhetorical question posting format a little irritating? Yes

Am I going to do it anyway? Yes

Is this renovation effort reminiscent of something you'd see in a last half-hearted attempt to save a 70's mall in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Yes

Will the building continue to look just about as ugly as it ever did? Yes

Does this signal that Brookfield does not see a bright future for Houston Center given disappointing leasing results following the last wave of money they just spent, and is deciding to shift their money elsewhere? Probably

Or could it be that they are just pulling back from office investments in general in the wake of the pandemic? Probably some of that too

Am I still glad that they hit it out of the park on the other side of the street? You bet

Will this joke of a renovation diminish the effect of the renovation across the street? Kinda, sadly

Will anyone shop here who doesn't work in Houston Center? Not likely

Am I able to end this post and just hit Submit Reply and move on? Not yet

Is there something helpful I can still add at this point? Why yes, there is. From Costar:

The developer has hired global architecture and design firm Gensler as the project architect for Houston Center’s retail space. Renovation costs were not disclosed. A permit filed with the state shows Brookfield Properties is spending nearly $26.6 million to renovate 98,427 square feet on retail levels 1-4 at 1200 McKinney.


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