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Texaco Building (now The Star) At 1111 Rusk Street


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Quite a lot more activity today.  There are several guys on the roof by the southwest side of the taller building, where they have set up another structure, a ladder up to a third floor window by the south corner, a few more guys hanging out a fifth floor window that has been removed (hard to see in the photo but just above the ladder), and they've removed a bit of the façade between the third and fourth floors on the southwest side of the shorter building.



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This is a renovation and a garage. Most of the work on the building will occur on the inside so it wont ever look like a major construction site from the front side.

I hope it goes well and they decide to build the high rise on the back side.

Those renderings looked good.

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What will be taking up the small space on the north end of the San Jacinto side of the building.  Most of the renderings seem to be from the Capitol St perspective, but the San Jacinto facade is so impressive it would be nice to see it emphasized.  As I recall the original hotel proposal for the property had its main entrance on San Jacinto, but the next proposal opened onto Fannin. 



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I'm thankful for the photo update, but it's just grainy enough that I can't tell if they just cleaned it or if they also removed the architectural detail too. I think I can barely see it, am I right?


I'm pretty sure they are just cleaning it. At least from every aspect I can tell. At first I was thinking the same thing until I had to take a second look at some older pictures of the building.



It is pretty crazy to think a building looks one way before you take off the dirt and grime and it looks completely different after.

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