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  1. I agree. This as well as all the other projects are creating a positive feedback cycle. Waiting of the Great Southwestern. This will make six apartments/ hotels up within a few blocks of each other. It is going to have a decisive impact.
  2. I assume to qualify for bobruss "Mt. Rushmore" it has to be a highrise office or apartment/condo. If not I would list the county building complex near Main St, the numerous parking garages, and most "brutalist" style buildings including unfortunately UT-Medical School at the TMC. I don't know about the "Godzilla tower", have to research that one.
  3. I thought it was a not very good imitation of the Pompidou center in Paris.
  4. It is the lower section of the building which is repugnant. The rest is appealing. No idea how to soften the concrete wall. I suppose if we fall back to European 9th and 10th century conditions ( vikings raids etc) he will be one up on the rest of us.
  5. I am puzzled. Economics, Commerce, or Real Estate are not my forte perhaps one of you can explain this. Why are so many supertalls or near supertalls going up in Manhattan ( One Vanderbilt, Hudson Yards. World Trade Center buildings etc ) yet we are struggling to get this building up? I know Manhattan has a huge number of attractions, but it also has a huge number of hassles and very high rent. This site in downtown Houston is not without some charms. It seems like a great site.
  6. What a beauty she was. Painful to think of the loss. I suppose there was no way ( or desire) to save her. What a loss.
  7. There are workers on the site on Sunday. Seen this on other Sundays. Wonder what the rush is ? Must up construction costs, I think.
  8. Great old photo. Can see the old Foley's/Macy's building. Have no idea what building is just north of them. How is the Melrose redevelopment coming along?
  9. Thanks for sharing enriquewx91. I think the Skyhouse main street #2 and the cranes for the 609 are visible. Soon the Aris will come into view. Love this stuff.
  10. Any news, rumors, drunken drivel, anything, on when these segments are opening?
  11. Think I see the 609 popping up to the right of the Chase building. By next autumn the Aris will add it's contribution to the skyline. It is looking great.
  12. 800 Bell is scheduled for remodeling next month? When was this announced?
  13. Good construction cam view of this building from the oxblue cam for Skyhouse3
  14. If you love watching traffic this is definitely the place to live. Boy are they close to the freeway!
  15. Thanks for the info. Did not realize all the "Highlands" in the Metroplex. Would not like to end up in the wrong one when when visiting.
  16. I think you are correct. The Medical School on Fannin stays. The 300+ acres UT is going to construct sounds like a large research campus with a myriad of functions., some biomedical. TMC 3 is something more connected to traditional biomed research.
  17. Quite an addition to the canyon effect on Texas. The Catalyst, the Alexan downtown, and 500 Crawford also add to this. Thanks for the photo.
  18. If NYC has some architectural design authority, committee, politburo, etc.they would have let Hampton Inn pass. After all 432 Park Ave., except for height, is no gem.
  19. I disagree. Have you seen some of the county government buildings on and near Main street? One of the insults hurled is it looks like a Federal (government) detention facility. The building is bland, no question. Do we really want government bureaucrats deciding color and architectural design? Let's not overreact.
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