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  1. Yoda your photos are excellent. It is stunning how much this area has changed. I remember ante MMP. Except for the church and school it was a wasteland.
  2. Looking at the photo again, imagine if the old downtown post office site there rose a few high rises. That would expand the skyline considerably from these angles.
  3. "The ways of commerce are exceedingly odd", quote from Jeeves in the Mysterious Stranger
  4. You are right. Maybe it will open the last day of Autumn 2016 ( Dec 20th?). It will be back breaking pace. I know this is apples and oranges, but wasn't the Empire State building done in 18 months? Hypothetically it can be done. Nevertheless it will be a surprise.
  5. Going to keep my eye on the parking lot north of the Metro station on Oxblue construction cam . When it clears it will mean the Fairfield residential is on the move.It will make the 7th residential building in close proximity to each other in the downtown.
  6. If all that comes to fruition that area will be amazing. Add block 98 and the area is going to acquire urban density rarely found in Houston.
  7. Isn't the GSW scheduled for major remodeling into apartments? I thought it is part of the DLI.
  8. Regarding the Hardy Toll Road downtown connector, to quote Abe Lincoln I think they've got "the slows", but it is going to be built. Probably the same for the San Jacinto extension.
  9. Isn't the Hardy Downtown Extension passing close to this development?
  10. The skycam was re-positioned a few days ago. Looks great.
  11. Good luck on this. Tried using Emporis, on the first 19 pages got to over 300 existing or under construction. Thought that was the complete list,but more are listed later. Can't count now maybe later. We have a lot of highrises.
  12. According to Emporis it is a building 35-100 meters or 12 to 39 stories.I suppose after this it is labeled a skyscraper. I know fire safety folks use a different definition based on how high their ladders reach.
  13. My my, no overweight people, no children, everyone in tip top shape and health, all monochromatic people. Where in Houston does this exist?
  14. Is this being built in Vulgaria? Everyone appears ghostly and no little people?
  15. I think the Catalyst will be visible in a few months from this angle. I can see 609 main, the Market sq apartments ( of course), the crane for the Marquis Marriott, and I I believe the crane for the Catalyst. Looking Good.
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