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  1. The interior of the Cathedral all in all is quite beautiful. Not crazy about some of the stained glass but most are beautiful.
  2. Does anyone know what is going on at the proposed construction site? All the cars are vacated. Hopefully this is going up.
  3. The improvement in this area is impressive. It has gone from a wasteland ( with the exception of the church and school) to what will be a vibrant urban area. Despite being a orthodox suburbanite the lack of an urban core has always been a let down. Downtown in the 1980's was primarily a collection of shiny skyscrapers mainly west of Main and little else. The downtown looked asymmetrical like an individual with one muscular arm and one milqtoast arm. The skyscraper collection were like modern medeval castles surrounded by a poor run down housing on all sides. How this has all changed for the better. It has taken time but we are almost there.
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