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  1. How many stories is this building? On the right side ( Avenida side) I see 7, on the left side see at least 10.
  2. Great photo. Those of you who display photos on Haif, I do not know what you do for a living, but on the side maybe you should sell your material to postcard companies or such. It sure is much better than what I normally see. That includes half finished buildings and all. The angle shots are great. Thanks for your effort.
  3. This is what I read from TDOT. SH 99 Segment H,I-1 and I-2 Final RFP April 30,2015 Proposals Due October 27, 2015 Contract Execution March 2016 ( I assume this means start of construction) Construction Completion Date October 2020 Quincy Allen P.E Tucker Ferguson P.E
  4. Look up the article Significant Houston Area Floods. This area has at times huge rainfalls. Tropical Storm Claudette rained 43 inches on Alvin in July 1979. Read the article, it is an eye opener. These massive rainfalls have occurred frequently since records were kept in the mid 1800's. My point is trenching the freeways will lead to stalled unusable roads during heavy rains during tropical storms or hurricanes. This will endanger peoples lives. As much as I dislike elevated freeways, trenching is not the way to go. A more realistic and uniquesolution taking Houston's environment into account must be thought through. We are not Boston or NYC and need not imitate them. We do not need to engage in "me too"
  5. What ever is decided trenching the freeway is a potential disaster during heavy rains or tropical cyclones. Below grade freeways always flood in Houston. Just see 288 May 2015, Southwest freeway June 2001, I-10 March 1992 Just to name a few. People must always come first.
  6. I believe segments H and I-1 are scheduled to begin construction March 2016 with a completion date of October 2020
  7. It appears 609 is 20 some feet taller than the 240 foot garage across the street. This means they are approximately 1/3rd the way up. This is going to be one tall building.
  8. I hope this is true. Change the hideous eyesore. But I am going to hold off. Still waiting on news of the Great Southwestern building. Chronicle Garage Delenda Est
  9. I have seen midtown go through incredible changes from the way it was 20 years past. Does anyone know how many apartments/condos have gone up? A few dozen high rises in this area would create the impression of a massive skyline stretching from downtown to the Texas Medical center interrupted by Hermann park. The medical center tapers off at the 7000+ block. Being Houston I do not think this is just a pipe dream. It just may happen sooner than we expect. The Houston metro area has had the largest total population increase from 2000 to 2014 of any metropolitan area in the United States averaging over 100,000 increase every year.
  10. Any news out there on the Great Southwestern remodeling.
  11. I do not understand the complaint. Ballparks of both the major and minor leagues from the beginning have had advertising. Look up pictures of ballparks at the turn of the last century. How does this hurt the reputation?
  12. Great photo. In a few months the Catalyst will also come into view and maybe the Great Southwestern will be lit up.
  13. Thanks for the info. Love the architecture and the layout of their downtown.
  14. Are the boundaries of DT Chicago Lincoln Park to the "north", Grant Park to the south and the interstate to the west? Their DT seems massive relative to ours.
  15. Thank you for these excellent photos Triton . This is quite a tour de force.
  16. These apartments do have a potential set of problems including freeway car fires, flying tires or anything else that occurs on our freeways. It will be interesting to see how the rentals go.
  17. I hope all the residence of that apartment building are physically unattractive. I imagine a "hot" woman standing or dressing by the window may distract a few motorists. Yikes!
  18. I wonder if these apartments are any closer than the St. Joseph parkway High rise on the west bound lanes where I-45 curves north.
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