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  1. I bet a lot of people will be very happy with this tower after it's built.
  2. Love 'em both. I think if built, they will complement each other very well. Two different themes. One celebrates a culture. One celebrates science. Just like in Southern California, one park celebrates dreams and the other celebrates history. Houston is not known for it's family friendly entertainment venues. It is amazing to me that anyone (other than those who live near the park) would have any problems with a theme park being built near Houston, when we have NOTHING like this nearby. I still think beggers can't be choosers when it comes to this sort of thing. Theme parks are just about IMPOSSIBLE to build these days. New ones don't come along everyday. Some people look at the lame video and think Grand Texas will be cheezy, hokie and cheap and maybe it will be, but I am just excited that there will finally be a place started that may have the possibility to grow and compete with the big guys one day. Getting it started is no small feat. Adding to it will be simple by comparison.
  3. DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be taken as a personal attack on King Owl or anyone else. It is a simple friendly observation and opinion. ...Of course they could have done better. Name one project that couldn't have been "done better" and I'll give you 10 reasons how it could have been done better. "Done better" is a rather lame position. It can always be done better. And better to who? Just because some people are perfectly happy with this project (as per the rendering) doesn't necessarily mean that they have bad taste. Maybe YOU and your i-buddies have bad taste. Maybe if the tower you envision is built, it would ruin the skyline, maybe not. It's all subjective. King Owl, if people are allowed to be unhappy with this tower. They are also allowed to be happy with it too for any reasons they want. And if you have the right to repeat your objections until you feel that you have been perfectly understood, then so do others. 'People talking' is also subjective. People ARE talking about it, maybe not the people you want to be talking about it, and maybe not for the reasons you want them to be talking about it - but they ARE talking about it, and I agree with Kinkaid, they will continue to be talking about it at Haif and elsewhere for a good long time (if built).
  4. Probably. Now I know what Johnny Guitar must have felt like every time some two-bit character with a chip on his should blew into town looking for a fight. When will you punks ever learn? Oh well, I guess this is what happens when one's reputation precedes them. Now go do your homework and let the adults talk about amusement parks in peace.
  5. That's how it might appear to people who have some reading comprehension issues. You "srsly" might want to go back and re-read the thread. I won that battle hands downs as I always do. If I got 'owned' then you got dementia.
  6. King Owl, I'm just happy you think of me before you post anything now. It's both and honor and a boost to my already incredibly big, over inflated ego. Sorry if I hurt your feelings the other day. But I swear, I don't remember telling anyone they couldn't have an opinion. Not to sound paranoid, but that is just another misconception spread by another one (not King Owl) of my many, many jealous enemies at HAIF who is out to DESTROY me! This building does nothing for me. But I didn't expect anything from it. So you all have my permission in this case to rip it to shreds if it makes you happy and allows you get on with your lives. The only positives I can draw from this project (at the risk of saying anything positive)(I know that is frowned upon on the internet) is that at least it doesn't have a big parking lot between it and the street. It's strictly filler material. But at least it's 2010's urban-looking filler material and not out of date 1970s suburban garden style filler material. So it is a baby step in the right direction.
  7. http://www.click2houston.com/news/former-astroworld-gm-at-helm-of-new-theme-park-grand-texas/-/1735978/20889098/-/ka3dyf/-/index.html I don't expect that this park will be everybody's cup of tea but I have to admire Chuck Hendrix for trying to make it up to Houston for the loss of AstroWorld. Just think, if everything goes right, Houston won't be the largest metro in America without a theme park anymore. Welcome to the big time, Houston! Oh, I mean - this sucks. It looks cheezy. It will be hot and full of annoying, rude, ugly people. I hate their guts. I hate everything. The new improved Mr. X relates to all!
  8. I'm extremely disappointed. I wanted the building to be shorter and a little more boxy. Also, can't they wait until 2025 to build? Why would they want to build this tower before they have enough tenants? What's the rush anyway? What the hell is wrong with everybody? Why can't they ever do anything right in Houston. Traffic everywhere. Insufficient rail. Summer is too hot. I hate the mosquitos too.
  9. Boo-hoo. I guess this news is like death for the anti-box crowd. I couldn't be happier tho. I love Houston. Now bring on the hate!
  10. I "srsly" hope you aren't an HISD teacher. We should take this outside. I thought this thread was about your right to hate on boxes or something.
  11. OUCH! I musta hurt Howard's feelings bad this time. But when you're right, you're right. I'm such a b****. This is a message board to discuss architecture? I thought it was the complaint desk of the damned (you know, a place for people to go who's lives suck). Just kidding Howard don't get cranky. Heaven help the person around here who has anything nice to say about anything. Don't like the (fill in the blank)? Not my problem. Now back to your regularly scheduled whining , I mean "discussion".
  12. I like how how this tower works with the others that surround it. What's so wrong with buildings complementing each other vs competing with each other? That's what they do in Dallas, and their hodgepodge of a skyline has all the grace of a table at a pot luck dinner. Every building there is in business for itself with no regard whatsoever with the buildings that surround it. Houston's skyline is so exceptionally beautiful because the buildings work together as a cohesive unit. Those boxes that everybody loves to complain about is EXACTLY what makes makes Houston's downtown skyline look good. There are enough supporting buildings around to allow the 'stars' to shine. Also, their are many ways for a building to add to a skyline other than pointy roofs or trendy spires. Color, texture, height, contours ect. can and do contribute to the overall effect of a skyline (and other things). Sometimes these combinations help, sometimes they hurt. In this case, using similar glass makes some sense. The new building is apart of a collection, so I can at least understand why an architect would want to use a glassy style that would fit in with the other parts of the collection. Could C-H-E-V-R-O-N have gone a little less predictable? Sure. But this works. Not saying this is going to be the most beautiful building in the world. But it supports it's neighbors and will make an impact on the skyline - in an understated, yet commanding way. I get it. One man's 'understated' is another man's 'boring'. Just as one man's 'dynamic' is another man's 'tacky'. King Owl's opinions may be shared by some amateur internet architecture critic wannabees (no offense to anybody as I am one), but unfortunately for you all, not by anyone that counts (decision makers). No hard feelings tho, not everyone's going to get what they want. I think I figured out that you were disappointed on your 3rd posting today, Mr. Owl. But their is no harm making certain that EVERYONE in Houston knows your stance, just in case they missed it the first 10 times that you posted it today. I do it all the time and everybody LOVES me! And just so YOU know King, sentences usually begin with capitol letters. But, we all make typos and take liberties every once and a while. It will be o.k. - or do I need to make 10 more posting saying the SAME THING just to make certain that you understand my point of view.
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