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  1. Good analysis on Main Street lots. It would be interesting to add up the empty lots and see what percentage of lots they make up on Main St.up to the 3700 block ( I do not know what block is I-69 crosses Main) It must be a dwindling percentage. Maybe when the children are asleep I will do this. The greatest irritant in my opinion are the empty lots around Bell and Main. Mercifully three lots in the area have been filled in the last few years. Hopefully more lots will fill soon, specifically the 10 story Fairview apts. It has greatly improved. Years ago I walked from the Med Center to the DT. It was a desolation after leaving the museum district until one reached the Methodist church DT.
  2. Is the southernmost apartments on the 3600 block of Main? I know the HCC building is the 3100 block. Once the apartments are finished on Main it should make approximately 36 blocks of almost uninterrupted urban development on Main street. Make some nice viewing on the light rail line.
  3. I count approximately 31 complete. Seventeen to go I believe, Great photo. Thanks for your efforts Hindesky.
  4. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. Those of us who have lived in Houston for sometime have seen vast improvements. In the not distant future I think it will be small version of Manhattan. I just hope Santa Claus is keeping up with the changes. Wouldn't want him getting confused.
  5. Wells Fargo certainly looks bulkier than 600 Travis( p.s. when did the name change ?). The old World Trade Center towers make those two small in comparison. There some image overlay of them in downtown houston.
  6. Thanks for passing the photo along Urbannizer. The catalyst, skyhouses, and the marriott are all visible from this photo. Excellent photo Mr. Lin
  7. The HBJ article referred to the tower as outdated. It doesn't sound good. I spent the last new years eve with my wife at St. Luke's watching fireworks in the distance while she and the children slept. It is painful to think of its demise.
  8. It's the Christmas season and there is a great deal going on. What are you referring to?
  9. Thanks for the info. Did not realize the number of private universities in most cities.
  10. I still do not comprehend all the trepedation. The Boston metro area has eight research universities. Excluding the Texas Medical center, I believe the Houston area has two: U of H and Rice. There is no room for a third?
  11. Any of you who have shopped or visited the ROD, did you notice whether they have any dessert or confectionary shops? For folks with a sweet tooth.
  12. Imagine the photo book of Houston if these folks pooled their talent. It would be splendid. I agree with Gary, the Spieigel photo is the most beautiful I have ever seen of the med center.
  13. What a beautiful photo. Urbannizer if you compiled many of your photos, especially the broad vista photos, the Houston photo book you could publish would blow most of the competition out of the water.
  14. Dear Santa, I want Eight more supertalls in the downtown. Two at the old post office sight, two near MMP, two by the Hamilton, One near Allen center, and lastly where the Helmut Jahn Bank of the Southwest tower was to be built. That should make an even ten. Mr. Enriquewx91 says the New York people are sick of too many supertalls. Maybe you can bring those here and everyone will be happy. I love you Santa Made insane by twins. Twinsanity02
  15. I hope this is built sooner, but according to the September 2015 downtown Houston development map groundbreaking is pushed back to the third quarter 2016. It is in a great location. It will be a major addition to the eastern skyline. The thinking of many on Haif is they are waiting for the construction trailers to clear out.
  16. They need something medicinal to get things flowing. Seem plugged up. To use an Abe Lincoln expression ( when speaking of George McClellan) , they have "the slows" .
  17. I do not have problems with people living on the streets and refusing all assistance offered to them. I do have a problem with them urinating and defecating wherever and whenever they please. I have been on metro buses where passengers ( mainly urban and black )gave up rows of seats to get away from the smell. You seem to think folks in the city have no problems with this and it is only suburbanites . You are very wrong.
  18. Without using obscenities what is the label on the architectural style of buildings you all call the Godzilla? I can't find anything. I do agree it looks difficult.
  19. Where do you get these photos Urbannizer? Most have a wow factor. This last one gives the impression of one big massive skyline. At night it must look marvelous. Thanks
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