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  1. UT-Houston had Ferid Murad on staff at the time of his Nobel prize in medicine and physiology. He had done his "Noble" work elsewhere, at the moment I can't recall where. I think all in all the UT Research campus is a big plus for Houston. Both the SF Bay area and Boston house more than one powerhouse university. So can we. I for one, though being KU through and through will look ill on attempts to weaken U o Houston. It is the University of Houston after all.
  2. These are great posts. Much good information. Thought U of Chicago was public, turns out it's private. One comment, being a KU man I have no dog in this fight. Nevertheless regardless of feelings the facts are if UT wants to build this campus they are going to do it. They have the muscle in all its permutations to pull this off. If UT puts their mind to it , it is a fait accompli.
  3. Many of you loathe the Pierce Elevated. Personally I have no hatred or love toward it. The area I find awful is the freeways and jails at the confluence of White Oak and Buffalo Bayou. This area could have been a beautiful park area. What a lost oppurtunity. Thank God for the fixing up of Buffalo Bayou. They have done a beautiful job.
  4. I wonder why the newly paved parking lot is a backward 7. Seems odd. Why don't they pave the entire lot?
  5. When you mentioned a cow path I thought of Oxford U which is named after a town where cows used to cross a stream. I'm sure Dallas street becomes a stream every so often after one of our rains. I wish several pubs would open downtown. Be nice. Bit of Britain. Civilized, old chap.
  6. Maybe Dallas Street name could be changed to Ox Ford Street.
  7. Is the street in the picture down to one lane? p.s Great photo
  8. Yes it is disappointing, but we are getting the Catalyst, the Alexan downtown, and the Crawford apartments ( and hopefully the Southwestern tower). This all will eventually be filled. I think investors are worried of being burned. I suspect we have to wait for oil prices to rise.
  9. Triton I hope, I hope you are correct. Just joking, but maybe the exec is just tempermental and was having a bad day when Bobruss spoke with him and will lighten up later. Stranger things happen.
  10. Bobruss says he talked to one of their execs, and they were halting the project for the time being, but planned on building "the other project" whatever that means. The adjacent lot is suppose to have a 7 story apartment built by an entirely different company, so I do not know what the exec meant by the "other project" unless he is referring to the Catalyst which is already under construction.
  11. Anyone know what is happening on this block? It appears they have paved 1/3rd of the western part of the block. I know they plan on having part of the block as a surface lot and the remainder as a 24 story apartment. I was under the impression that groundbreaking is scheduled in the next few weeks. Is this still on?
  12. Love the angles on this building. Reminds me of the Pennzoil towers nearby.
  13. Love the photo. Imagine a couple more apartment/condos in that area. Waiting on the Fairfield
  14. I see on the 609 webcam a great deal of activity there and several other construction sites. By the way great job as usual Hindesky.
  15. The high rise apartment and garage is suppose to go up on the west side of the lot whereas the east side is to be a surface parking lot unless the flipped the sides ( which I do not know if that is possible). Has anyone asked them what is afoot?
  16. I am not saying the company head is, but if he is like Caligula, no expense is too trivial if they are present for the groundbreaking . Better safe than sorry.
  17. Any Haifers work for a spy agency with access to good on time imaging? If you could share it, we won't tattle.
  18. I've been watching it also, just cannot positively tell what is happening.
  19. This is such a choice spot for a hotel, I suspect it is just a matter of time before one is built. The energy industry is going through rough seas, but this (and much worse) has happened before. I suspect investors are hesitant at this moment. Look at the delays on Camden, block 98, six houston center, 1600 Louisiana, etc. This has nothing to do with referendums and everything to do with return on investments. Houston is a great city and has a bright future . Just look at all the developments at and near the TMC. The energy industry will also turn around. Fret not.
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