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  1. I'm not worried about the ability to convince people to move downtown. .if ypu can get people to spend 1700 to live in a box..the homeless is not going to be a problem. Now the retail district could be another matter..it a place someone who just bought something expensive might not feel comfortable walking down with say a new bought 700 dollar watch... plus if the purpose is to funnel convention goers and hotel guest down that street it needs to be DT most signature block in terms of apperances as well ..more so than even main
  2. However it is a intresting chicken or egg problem. Are the homeless people downtown because of that is were all the services are or are the services downtown because that is where all the homeless are?
  3. It strange it seems the more money they invest downtown the worse the homeless problem is getting. .I don't ever recall seeing so many sleeping all over the place
  4. http://m.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2015/06/01/apache-restructures-including-new-leadership-plans.html
  5. Apache Corp announced they will be closing their tula office and relocate some to Houston, in line with what will become one of three super regions. .I was just wondering does this increase the odds of them building their tower or decrease it?
  6. The KBR sight I was just at yesterday and was thinking you could easy but a city Centre type place on the size of that land
  7. The sheer amount of space and potential in Houston is staggering. .there are still two others area close to downtown that you could still put massive projects in
  8. Man if That proposal for the theater district goes thu ..Houston Downtown could finally start to live up to it potential
  9. If memory serves moonshiners is a extension of prohibition( or at least from the same guys)
  10. It appears they will be keeping the front section of bayou place. . Which could actually work out for places like hard rock if they shift to say green st or along the new dallas corridor higher visbity..I never noticed how much bayou place back in broke up the flow of the street...
  11. What is the status of the Kor space..I don't see the application in the window anymore, and I never see anybody working on that 7 grill place or whatever it will be ca7 What is the status of the Kor space..I don't see the application in the window anymore, and I never see anybody working on that 7 grill place or whatever it will be ca7
  12. Tear down the brick and restore the front glass Design. ....I'm disgusted by how many beautiful design building were butcher by 80,s obession with plain paneling. ..
  13. The sumiain problem with most thought process is making downtown into a retail destination. .truth not going to ha7at least in our life time...the galleria area just has too huge a advantage in name recognition and size. .Downtown best is to seek out unquine small stores and to get them to cluster in a given area ( Dallas st)...similar to how the downtown bar scene was revived...examples why would I go all the way to sak downtown when the one in galleria would most likely be bigger and connect to more high end stores...of I jus want a day of shopp5...now if I'm from out of town and attending a convention with maybe a hr to spare between prestation..I'm might dip out for a quick bit and to look are that intresting little boutique I saw as I was heading towards m the convention center
  14. That because mom and pop places don't cater to outside money...most focus on repeat business from a loyal base...that means they would draw the bulk of their money from those who call downtown, home and the business around them..the add advantage of focusing them along dallas st would be the hotel and convention crowd..
  15. He is actually has a point a number of smaller chain over the years have be pushed out of area, due to projects like ROD, sak wanting a bigger foot print etc...this may not be a bad thing as downtown could focus on more mom and pop retail types
  16. Think houston should open itself to street merchant. .there are plenty of area still that could be converted to merchant allys
  17. Hmm does not seem to be fronting main st. .that would be kinda of stupid if your trying to sell the urban vibe thing..I understand as it stands now they would be facing a run down shop ..but you have to think what will the area look like later
  18. This could go along way to restore houston rep as space city which lately has been in name only, plus a project of these size almost always lead to a construction boom in the area
  19. Looks like it would fit the museum distinct best, condos design with a artist slate would only add to the museum area feel
  20. I was hoping that the rumor that the space next to hearsay in market square was a subway was just that..sadly They have already started slapping subway signs on it....who walks around that area and says " you know the subway franchise in DT are under served, I know there is a subway literally right down the block, not even a full block" waste of space that could have been one more bar in DT houston growing bar scene
  21. At first I was baffled by the two tone paint job till I remembered that it a split bar concept.. On another note anyone know what going on with the old G market space, have seen people coming and going from it over the last few weeks
  22. The city need to say to these guy's were trying to do something with DT.. if you don't want to be a part of that fall back and let someone who does have a crack...DT estate is not for the faint of heart
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