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  1. I find this annoying. This project displaces nothing. It has almost no effect on third ward as a whole. We are talking about a area that all but sat abandoned the last 25 years and now all of a sudden , they choose to raise the banner? I drive thu that area daily ? What are you displaying? The vacant lots? The rampant homeless ( many of whom are not even homeless but drug dealers who hide among the homeless! ) what exactly are we preserving or seeking to preserve?
  2. BUFRO Green District ( BGD when using slang) hipsters power actived!!lol
  3. Hate that they don't want to contribute to the revitalization of down
  4. My bad thinking about another project Dont worry some hipsters PR firm will at some point rebrand it..lol
  5. There is no logical reasoning behind opposing this. The area has largely been abandoned for close 25 years. It not displacing and existing residents. To be perfectly honest most people from third ward have not considered that area part of third ward in decades. Not since the early 2000s at the latest, so even before than. I honestly dont see how this effects third ward as a whole.
  6. I'm sorry im.a proud former resident of third ward. But this feels like nothing more than black nimbyism
  7. I just glad we are past the times Downtown had to lie about it population by including the jail population
  8. As someone born and raised in Third Ward , I naturally champion preserving the area History and Culture. That being said the area that the ION is proposing has largely been abandoned for almost 20 years now. I dont see how this project effects Third ward as a whole if anything it should be seen as boom for the Black own business that reside on Almeda as it would see a rather dead area( Sears area) become more vibrant. That would lead to spill over for the cafes and other black towns business on Almeda as people till to patron business that are within 2 miles of a place of employment according to some studies.
  9. Yea everytime I see a new posting, I think it new information...instead it just two people still having a D measuring contest.
  10. I don't hate this they make a legit effort to hire within the community Some see a bunch of warehouse I see potentinialy hundreds ofjobs for a area that largely poor minorities that work on ave 30 mins from where they live.
  11. Being from third ward I think the groups in that area need to be real careful who they they into bed with. No one is saying dont help those in need. However you can not ignore that where this group has gone. Crime as jumped.. assualt. Vehicle break in, murder ( they had two killing just last year). The sanitation issues they created alone were staggering.
  12. That great...one problem..another of people in that area are not homeless they are drug dealers ... This is well attention ignoring the reality
  13. I dont understand why he cant be bought out and relocated to one if the vacant fronts on main. There like four locations sitting empty right now.
  14. Read that CVS was closing two stores in Houston...for a moment I had hope that it was the one on main. I'm sorry but that store doesn't generate enough foot traffic to justify it huge foot print... unfortunately it will be one in spring and the one off fry rd
  15. Trying to see what lands close enough to be labeled " adjacent " that could be anything even four blocks away
  16. Does anyone have anything on this apparently they bought a block of land in Downtown for 55 million Nevermind* found little more information Skanska has purchased four land parcels, including one full city block, totaling about 14,200 square meters in downtown Houston, USA. The seller is a private citizen. The total investment amounts to USD 55 M, about SEK 520 M.Located adjacent to Discovery Green, these four sites are in Houston’s Central Business District and Skanska plans to develop a mix of office, multi-family and retail for the local community.
  17. I am interested in seeing what effects the hotel will have on greenstreet vacancies.
  18. The problem to many are trying to treat it as a zero sum game. While the rail is not the sole reason of development it has by the very business themselves been identified as a major factor in their decisions. Even outside if the main line the rail has played a part in development see third ward as student housing is being constructed near close to the rail line as well as not one but two high schools being constructed a long those lines.
  19. What the betting line on the time table before this things fails as a hotel before finally bring converted to residential?
  20. Really i felt like jw set the bar and that force MM to up it game...Alessandra really drop the ball it had the potential the most stand out in terms of design and the lobby that started at the midway point offering a over view..but instead opt for a bland design that will blend with GS and I feel in the long run that will hurt it. What I'm really interested in seeing is what move GHP will do with there Hotel component..
  21. Anyone feel the books and millions spot would make a nice upscale club?
  22. I remember when DG was first purpose all the naysayers scream waste of money and be over run with homeless within a month
  23. I know it kind of a pipe dream but it would be amazing if they use the original Alexandera design for this Hotel it would go great with the area
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