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  1. come all the rest of you guys who have been talking about building DT ,time to move, while you twiddle you thumps hines is going to steal all the prosective clients..lol I am hoping the fear of hines getting started before them will spark the others to finally get going
  2. if its sitting where I think it will sit it would be stupid not to have something at ground level , a restaurant, a bar, retail something
  3. those look like a tent shaped part of the structure, but there is a gargae behind it in the pic. It not a mind blowing design to me, but its nice and I am always for elimating one more parking lot
  4. Good like it when They have a game plan , never been a fan of when They tear something down and leave it for 3 or 4 years while they figure out what they want to do.
  5. I kinda cant wait for them to tear down the Macy lot, tthat plot of land would not stay vacent for long, with the slow but steady gains main strett has been making the city would not stand for a big hole to be sitting their for to long and would pressure the company to do something with it
  6. Yeah right now they are saying 41 stories maybe higher, another 50 story would alt the Houston sky line from cetian angles
  7. Hines has a good track record of gettin these things done, so barring another ecomoic upheval.. I think this will go thu within the next year or two
  8. This just came across on culture map.http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/03-14-13-hines-touts-new-41-story-skyscraper-in-downtown-houston/
  9. Wait which one is 600 main is it the parking lot across from post rice ?
  10. I hope they do maybe it will spark the eastern expanison of buildings in that area.. I personally think with the rail running thou it it would,nt be long before High rasies start to pop up
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