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  1. Again it is not about creating GFR at every building , but these alinments of building do create a rare chance in Houston to develeop a strong retail core even how close they are to each other
  2. It not about being a new urbainist anything it about creating a econoimc zone in a CBD that has been attacked for lacking a unified retail or Entertainment district. So if you are going to find a place to squat a number of hotels all within walking distance of each other you actually create a rare chance to develop a strong commerical district..with DS green actting as your ancor.. since a number of polls show that most people do not like to venture more than a mile from there their hotel when walking. A strong retail in the area is a plus not a minus when going for tourist dollars Second no one said jack about freeways and understand they have their place and purpose(most new urbanist as you call it) only beef with it is that instead of being a balanced transit system it is a sevely lopped sided one where far to much tax payer dollars are paid toward it with far to little return(we have been expanding highways for the last 30 yrs and still traffic is getting worse not better) Third funny you went after rail notice all the major construction is happening along the rail lines, main st, rusk
  3. yeah really dont care as long as it removes one more god awful parking lot from DT
  4. I hope ground floor retail is part of the plan.. you could really create a active zone .. even if its not I am for anything that removes one more parking lot and this will remove two ..if I am looking at my google map correctly
  5. Lat news feed I read was dated march 2013 , and hey had decided that instead of moving 800, they would move only 400, dont know if thats big enough to justify a new tower, but like someone said if they do build a new tower it would mean they are planning bigger things than a office for 400. just not ready to talk about.. remember when exxon was planning to build the woodlands campus they denied the rumors at first, then they would,nt comment, they they finally came clean.
  6. The Houston bust of the 80's left a kind of mental scare on the developers in Houston . Hines himself he stated as much in a interview we he said"in the 80,s Houston over bulit and then the market fell out". This is why so many of them are dragging their feet. Dispite most experts saying the one who gets their office off the ground first will automatic decrease the demand for the others.
  7. Dont you people watch the metro board meeting on saturday mornings that come on the hcc channel ..lol I do they where talking about the need to sell off land they had no current use for
  8. You will prob see far more interesting things anyway..
  9. The more Hines focues it energies on projects like this and other cities the more doubt I have they will build anything downtown.....
  10. Never going to happen the city leadership would kill it for being to cool
  11. Everyone I talk to said they had no I dea, there has been no emails. no letters sent out.. they just started moving the office employeesto the main office at corprate
  12. This is total B.S they did not say jack.. I found it strange when I went to renew- my lease the woman was like oh don't worry just pay month to month.. in fact they moved the rental office offsite .. Why do they toy with people ..instead of saying "hey you might have to move were negotionng to sell the property
  13. they have a website// google midtown match.... last I checked which was a week ago they were at 54% funding http://www.matchouston.org/
  14. .. most of the resdients in DT houston are at or just below their max occupy rate.. in fact is considered under served.. there is a chart on DT houston page which shows the occupy rate of each residental units
  15. Really I dont get why they dont take advange of the DT residential tax breaks being offered ..why are they so obessed with putiing it in a area they cleary not wanted .. strange
  16. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2013/04/developers-announce-plans-to-reinvent-houston-pavilions/#11079-4
  17. You would think all this so called demand would light a fire under them... Some of these companies have had plans on the board for years and yet they still seem to drag their feet.
  18. They said 41 but they have not ruled out something taller. I take the compares as them getting it serious thought
  19. come all the rest of you guys who have been talking about building DT ,time to move, while you twiddle you thumps hines is going to steal all the prosective clients..lol I am hoping the fear of hines getting started before them will spark the others to finally get going
  20. if its sitting where I think it will sit it would be stupid not to have something at ground level , a restaurant, a bar, retail something
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