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  1. I do see main giving way to to highraises..it just seems to have that kind ok look
  2. Well i am happy to see it grow...6 more restraunts ? Do we really need that many downtown is not lacking in those..retail is were it hurts the most..still according to the map they still have plenty of space left so we stilk can hope
  3. Not uncommon for things get pulled..when they get leaked before the company is ready...609 main got pulled form a site after it leaked
  4. That 304..... 300 main is that big vacant one that sits on the corner just before Okra
  5. is that 300 main, because I noticed a few weeks ago there were some guys who seemed to be working on that balcony like thing, then not to long after that they papered up the windows
  6. No one was challeage you..just saying he is good about running these things down before posting
  7. So this is the second building that will have a open air access point to the tunnels ? I am glad to see some of these building getting on board with the city attempt to open the tunnels up to the street level.
  8. I googled this question..and it seems after ike it was a hot topic..basic it a trade off anyway you go...below ground cost more to construct...but are less likey to go out during a storm..however when they do go out they can take longer to repair and the source of the damage can be harder to locate
  9. Then why was this downtown property one of five other downtown macy closing???
  10. wait ,wait wait what moron though cover up such fine deco was a good idea ??? I never knew such a nice building was there. time to tear that crap off, reonovate and create some nice apts.. its stupid crap like this that makes me wish I was rich so I could just buy the damn thing myself and do it
  11. The area retail plan had already been revised after Macys closed to focus on making Green St the ancor
  12. I think it did win metro just did what it wanted like many of us suspected it would.
  13. want makes you you thing that the ground floor will not have reatail ?
  14. yeahh your in the minority of people who think that train wreak of a building was worth saving.. I would take this glass building over that windowless box anyday
  15. I had not thought about a sunken plaza, did,nt the old foley building use to tie into the tunnels as well, so you could exit the tunnels right into the plaza.. it would do what Houston has been trying to do for years tie the tunnels and the streets together
  16. And that is the kind of boring thinking that has keep downtown with a bad rep..lets turn prime poperty into a damn parking spot..sigh.. I was looking at the area yesterday and it dawn on me even if this project fell though this would be a prime place for a second discovery green type and would not harm the retail plan for Dallas st
  17. There it is again that need to mis-represent the Houston Pavillion only failed from mangement stand point, the bars and entertinment venues and restraunats all have done quite well. Even the limited retail has manganed to hang in there. The area is one of the most people heavy I have seen in Donwtown Houston..Could it step it up of course, but we all know that will requaire downtown Houston to address a number of other problems first...The low residentcy rate the first redevepoment plan called for a DT population of 16,0000 by now, but the econ crashed and goals fail off.. the total popluation minus that absurd adding of the prison population is actually around 3,000 even if you count the new units that are being built and planned then we are looking at another 2,000 in less than 2 years. I would like to see this tread continue, This is what is needed to substain the area and by deflaut draw in more retail and venues
  18. What in blue are you yapping about, the last interview they did they keep going on about creating a urban campus ,nothing about being like exxon"Together with Chevron's existing Houston buildings, the new tower will become part of a campus-like environment with indoor and outdoor common areas, dining facilities, a fitness center and training and conference rooms." That is the only mention they ever made about a campus style.
  19. How is it the tip of the iceberg when we already know that some of the propseed building whould not get built, and that those that struck , first and second would corner the market , this was not unexpected which makes you tip of the ice berg comment absurd....It was never a question of if all of them gets built, but which ones would.
  20. Most of this is not shocking news, we knew going in the first one off the ground would reduce demand for the others... My bet maybe one more gets off the ground before the other developers shelve thier plans at least for now.. So who do most thing will get off the ground next ? I am hoping it is Exxsex who has the most intresting design even more so than 609.. so who do you think will be the next to drop shovel?
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