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  1. I was just downtown and looking at the building and started thinking these place who make a great apartment
  2. Omg its a parking garage I would rather have a 16 story than a flat lot..Plus a story still leaves room for ground floor while still addressing Houston need for parking.. hell it actuall makes it easler .. in stead of a lot that can hold maybe 235, you can now hold 1600.. while not breaking street level retail(if you wanted)
  3. Does any body know what is going on these places.. the Harris county Building has had it ground floor boarded up for a while.. and 405 main adj parking lot is fenced off and as of today had Heavy construction trucks on it
  4. was'nt there suppose to be a medical tower proposed for midtown, but it feel thu after the economy tanked? I have that dream of a main street lined with high rasies and towers..
  5. I am just glad we are getting developers with vison, people who can look out at the parking lots of DT and see block on top of blocks of residental .. these are the type of people Houston needs..
  6. True but even thou we all know that those who oppose them will lose in the end.. How long is does this project get delayed in the process? months, years ?.. In the end they still lose millions in lawyer fee.s and various other costs ..
  7. I just dont understand, with Downtown hading out tax breaks like crazy to get places like this built, and other more scenic areas in Houston begging for development why are the developers dead set on pushing this one.. A place like this would be great in the Herman park area...Can someone tell me why they are fighting so hard for a area that does not even want them there.
  8. I am hoping that the comment they are planning to be agreesive means they will have something in the works by at least Q2.. How great would it be if they built where skyhouse and Hines proposed 6 story is combined with Houston House.. would create a nice little dense area of resdiental
  9. I thought most of them did not talk about projects still in the design stage anyway ?
  10. its going to be so strange looking at a vacant lot when I catch the train to go to school. Man I hope this project does not hit any bumps are it going to ruin the look of the area
  11. They like the trails so much they can clean the whole thing for the next 7 years
  12. Thank you finale some who gets it,!! They said no one would ride the rail a waste of tax dollars, but it averages more than 41,000 people a day Q1 2013 numbers. Which give it limited length actually makes it one of the most used LRT in the nation per mile.Ihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_light_rail_systems_by_ridership They said no one would bite on the Tax break for resdinetal. How many are on the planning board now ? There excuse no one wants to live downtown..Then why is the 900 are so units almost all sold or rented out ? Now they say no one will bite on the Retail tax break.. they point to Green st as proof, while ignoring that Green st failed on a mangament side, not a venue. the business that make up green st have faired quite well actually. Second they keep thinking this about bringing people in the burbs back to the city.. it not the math has already shown that 130,000 people live within 3 mile radios of Downtown of various income.. 130,000 people who are a LRT ride away a 5 min car ride away. It not that they dont want to shop downtown its that there is nothing for them to shop at downtown. The economic base is already there for the first time in a long time all the right parts in are in place to make DT a place to go... I think people are hung up on the 80,s when we moved too fast, but is,nt there also a danger of moving too slow and letting this window to transform dt Houston close ?
  13. My all measure green st was.. the venues have a good side crowd.. the only fail was mangaement themselves... the venues actually seem to do quite well. That is prob what they basing it on.
  14. I can take a lifeless parking lot or I can take a place with people .hmm hard pick
  15. lol second.. if this block takes off ... dallaites will never let us hear the end of it...
  16. That plan called for making main the retail center ,but dallas was inculded.. this one shifts the focus onto Dallas a;; the way down to the convention center .. People thought know one would bite on the residental tax break , now they are popping up like weeds
  17. Do they know something we dont about greenst.. I thought I read something about a proposed highrasie in the area ..hmmm I have often walked down that st and thought its so bland and lifeless why dont they add some art work or something.. just huge white walls screaming to be made lively.... Still think green st main street entrance.. could use a big sign like the one proposed for the other side..
  18. It took a retail team to tell them what others have been saying for years.. The focus to make main street the retail center was flawed.. The area is shaping up to be a bar/ restruant scene.. I have always thought retail should be focused toward the convention center and other area.. what next that eado would be a great place for highrasies given that it would afford great views of DT...shhh something are common sense
  19. This is true Hines tends to put out pretty close to what they present, unlike others who sell you on one thing then present another
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