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  1. A tower along main would not look out of places.. Un fact I have always thought main street leaned itself to to highrise towers by virtue of it design .imagine main lined with residential towerss.. Even a mix of residential and office tower s.. The beauty is that if they sit on main they won't interfer with the rest of midtown
  2. That the one..I hope green st is smart enough to buy it just so they can secure space for future expansion if they ever needed it..
  3. I noticed the lot across the street of green st with the stand alone tix booth is for sell ..that prime property
  4. Me thinks with the tax incentives being a proved look for alot of DT property to start opting to sell
  5. ude you dont have a clue to what you are talking about , lived in what is now midtown between the 80,s and mid 90,s and had to transerve it everyday going to work... That era was can not even be called skid row since it was vacate lots and empty apts... Your talking about the rail made it skid row to someone who remembers the drug infested , waste land it use to be.. makes your whole statement absurb to me.. yea along the line there was no growth( then again along Houston as a whole alot of projects died on the vine thanks to a economic down turn some of those projects even where planned along the line. Many of those projects are just now coming back on line in the last two years
  6. I think I read they hope it becomes a really popular site for weddings so you can't have it too high just high enough for the bride and groom to be the focus point
  7. yea you are .. I am not talking about DT themsevles rather the sense of it that people get( While DT L.A is similar to Houston, the feel is this is L.A something that Houston seems to lack. rather that because we lack some Identiy or were just hard to define dependes on who you ask
  8. Think it will go residental regardless of comso , it would give Davis a trifacte in that area and he seems to favor that part for post oak... now that a huge lot of land is open do you really think they would pass it up ? RD or not.. He been chomping at the bits to build Titan anyway
  9. Smart the church gets a gargae out of the deal without having to pay for it , on the condition that their people be allowed to use it free of charge
  10. For the small lot on main , is the parking garage a church project or is it tied to the proposed tower that was mentioned a few months ago..
  11. As for light rail one of Houston biggest neg point is getting around, even DT.. I was downtown and a guy in a business suit asked me how to get to dynamo staduim ( The fact that he did not know how to get to DT from DT was a dead give away he was not from here. Now if the rail was up and running at the time how easy would it have been to say go one block over and take the purple line it will drop you right off in front of it.. Instead of telling him the names of a bunch of streets he was most likey not going to remember.. or sending him all the way to the transfer center to catch the bus.. or all the way back up the block to the greyhond to catch a cab... or saying yea it a 7 block walk in Houston heat
  12. Here is the thing , its not the events themselves which in reality are a huge drain om your cities resources , what you are actually doing is marking your cities To business, Other big eventsnd yes in possible new cittizens who come into town and say , I could see myself living here... There is a reason why places like NY and L.A nd even chicargo have such pull to people the DT are 90% of the time the only experince most out of towners will have with your city
  13. It 25 story if memory serve which would not block much of anything.. and they are already trying to seel the lot for a tower so ither way there would no effect of line of sight since they are so far apart no views would be obstracted...
  14. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Prime-Post-Oak-parcel-up-for-grabs-5267366.php#/4
  15. Of the 75 units 60 are already taken.. not bad .... I wonder if this will encourange them to try to build the titan again ? If memeory servres that land with just to the side of it just went on the market not to long ago right ?
  16. The problem is final say in designs are left to people who think they know what edgy and modern is// It kind of like letting your parents DJ your party..... They can claim to have consulted the student body all they want, but in the end it was decided by peole in their 50,s and 60,s
  17. Since so many of the new hotels are going to be so close to each other I think we should rename this area the Hotel district..lol
  18. I am not really seeing it, as I review alot of the units proposed for SOHU..( Lets not call it that just a short hand) many of them seem to be of the same same squared off design just of various heights..( the exception being skyhouse) I think will be much more uniform that you think... I do give you props for pointing out the three diffrent styles that are popping up( The ones by market sqare are a given since the historic district is very anal about that part and anything buildt over there will have to have a more comptemary design... I think we will see highrasies develop more turn Minnute made area since the set back would create a clear view of DT entire skyline
  19. I have been saying that for years this us not Manhattan..if you built some complex's targeting the 50'000 to 60'000 range you could jump down population up practically over night
  20. I thought the Sakowitz building was all ready in negoations to convert the grouund floor to retail.. Dont tell me the owners are holding out
  21. If done right it could be one impressive lobby( The kind of lobby were you will be sold on the place the moment you walk in)
  22. I think the HBJ said they will be demolationing the area where yao was to make the space... Seems a little backwards t you would think they would have started tihs first then the renovation.. but oh well , I am most pumped about the 7,000 sq feet of reatil... which I would image will be facing Dallas St...
  23. Dont modify it , dont tweak it .. build it just like that
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